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Tidewater Trader September 15, 2021 Page 44 sic School of Delaware in Wilmington and is a member of the Wilming- ton Symphony Orches- tra and the Newark Sym- phony Orchestra, as well as assistant conductor of the Delaware Youth Sym- phony Orchestra. She has been an NMF apprentice for both viola and arts administration. Ron Demby has been a music educator for Queen Anne’s County Pub- lic Schools for nearly 30 years. He is currently the band director of Sudlers- ville Middle School and p reviously held the same p osition at Queen Anne’s County High School. He holds a B.A. in music ed- ucation from Elizabethtown Col- lege and a Master of Education de- gree from Salisbury University. Nevin Dawson studied viola at Penn State University while earn- ing a degree in forestry and has played with numerous sympho- nies and chamber ensembles, in- cluding Pennsylvania Centre Or- chestra, Canberra Symphony Orchestra and the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. A versatile player in classical, folk, jazz and other genres, he plays with Shore Strings, the Dover Symphony, The Pam Ortiz Band, Harp & Soul and Front Porch Orchestra and is featured on eight studio albums. He currently teaches violin, vio- la and cello in Chestertown, and also serves as sustainable agricul- ture coordinator for University of Maryland Extension. Musicians will perform solo from 2:30pm to 3:30pm and will come together for a brief group perfor- mance. Admission is free, though advance registration is appreciated at adkinsarboretum.org . The National Music Festival brings together inspiring mentors and the next generation of gifted musi- cians, providing education, schol- arships and affordable, adventur- ous public performances in and around Chestertown. Held for two weeks in June, the Festival was postponed in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID precautions. It is sched- uled to resume in 2022. Visit the webpage www.nationalmusic.us for more information. Music will once again lilt through the trees when Adkins Arboretum hosts Forest Music on Saturday, September 25 th from 2pm to 4pm. Presented in partnership with Chestertown’s National Music Fes- tival (NMF), the event will feature four musicians playing separate- ly in the forest and then coming together for a much anticipated quartet performance. Forest Music is presented in hon- or of the Arboretum’s members, whose generosity graciously sup- ports Arboretum operations and makes possible free admission in 2021. All are welcome. Yoshiaki Horiguchi has been ac- claimed by the Baltimore Sun for his ability to perform with a “daz- zling display of dexterity and pa- nache.” A proponent of music ac- cessibility, he is an active double bassist, a collaborator, a pedagogue and an educator who brings music to numerous communities in the Delmarva region and beyond. Al- though classically trained, his en- deavors span a broad spectrum of genres. Horiguchi has also been an NMF apprentice and has per- formed as part of the NMF Reso- nance concert series. Maria Rusu, a native of Romania, comes from a family of musicians. She began her musical studies at the age of six, first studying violin and then switching to viola. Rusu is heavily involved in the tri-state area music community, perform- ing as a jazz singer and teaching violin, viola and jazz voice. She serves as core faculty at The Mu- GOOD NEWS PAGE Newsworthy Notes From You The Readers Forest Music Returns September 25 th to Adkins Arboretum The second farm project, also in the Southeast Creek watershed, will convert 6.9 acres of farm field and 1,325 linear feet of an active, incised agricultural drainage ditch to a large, natural wetland com- plex that features a series of berms and ponding areas and addresses a failed, eroded grassed waterway. For the third farm project, Shore- Rivers will construct a stream and wetland complex stretching nearly 6,000 linear feet and encompass- ing over 15 acres in the headwaters of Morgan Creek in Kent County. This restoration complex will re- ceive and treat runoff from 482 acres of surrounding row crop agriculture. The project will add ecological uplift to the stream seg- ment; add retention, storage, and resiliency to protect downstream forested stream habitat; provide opportunity for nutrient process- ing through natural stream and wetland systems; and also include a 6.5-acre buffer strip of warm sea- son grass and shrub habitat to con- nect two existing separate quail habitat areas. In the past decade, ShoreRivers has installed 186 restoration proj- ects in the mid to upper Eastern Shore, reducing more than 144,000 pounds of nitrogen, 17,000 pounds of phosphorus, and 5,400 tons of sediments from polluting the wa- terways each year. ShoreRivers is a leader in design- ing, funding, and managing major agricultural restoration projects to reduce the sediments and nutri- ents that pollute our waterways. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently awarded ShoreRivers $1.95 million to implement three such projects, all in the Chester River watershed. Targeting high nutrient-export ag- ricultural subwatersheds in areas prioritized for funding through the DNR Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund has prov- en a winning strategy for mak- ing rapid and significant progress toward meeting pollution reduc- tion goals and habitat creation goals. ShoreRiv- ers has continued to promote a bal- ance between a prosperous agri- cultural industry on the Delmarva Peninsula and healthy, thriv- ing waterways and wetlands. Through strong outreach, involvement in science- based agronomy and ecology re- search efforts, and an emphasis on innovation, ShoreRivers strives to maintain an excellent reputa- tion with landowners and farmers throughout the region. The first farm project will address a severe gully erosion and degrad- ed streamdraining predominantly agricultural land in the Southeast Creek watershed in Queen Anne’s County. The project includes in- stalling a step pool system and se- ries of earthen berms in the farm field to allow rainwater to slowly infiltrate before reaching the in- cised gully, and restoring 250 lin- ear feet of eroding stream bank to a more natural habitat. Shorerivers Awarded State Funding for Large Restoration Projects Send In Your Good News Email to: info@tidewatertrader.com Newly constructed wetland complex on a farm near Cecilton, Mary- land. Maryland DNR recently awarded ShoreRivers $1.95 million to implement three such projects, all in the Chester River watershed. Forest Music returns to Adkins Arboretum on September 25 th . For more information, visit www.adkinsarboretum.org or call 410-634-2847, ext. 0.