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Tidewater Trader July 21, 2021 Page 25 university of maryland shore regional health virtual town hall University of Maryland Shore Medical Group is a proud partner of University of Maryland Shore Regional Health. University of Maryland Shore Medical Group – Urology is here to help you take back control by fixing your condition instead of just managing it. Our team of expert urologists diagnose and treat a range of urologic conditions, including: benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement), kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, kidney and prostate cancer, and more. Our state-of- the-art technology and advanced treatments allow us to provide you with the best possible urologic care, close to home. Shore Medical Group umms.org/shore/urology To make an appointment, call 410-820-0560 . Easton l Chestertown l Queenstown l Denton University of Maryland Shore Medical Group. Where the Health of the Eastern Shore comes first. Schedule an appointment today. Is a urinary issue controlling your life? Don’t manage the symptoms. Fix the problem .