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Tidewater Trader June 9, 2021 Page 42 ROCK HALL AMERICAN LEGION SGT. PRESTON ASHLEY - POST 228 Rock Hall, MD 21661 • 410-639-7081 DRIVE-THRU PIT BEEF SALE At The Legion 21423 East Sharp Street, Rock Hall, MD 21661 Pit Beef and Turkey Sandwiches Sat., June 12, 2021 10:30am until ??? Thank you for your support. BENEFIT: SONS OF AMERICAN LEGION Let us never forget FREEDOM is not free. Let us never forget FREEDOM is not free. 2021 TIDE TABLES For Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore Week of June 9 - June 15, 2021 WARNING: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc. does not warrant, for any use or purpose, the ac- curacy nor completeness of these charts. 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(www.saltwatertides.com ) June 9 June 10 June 11 June 12 June 13 June 14 June 15 CHESTERTOWN Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:33am 1:08am 1:45am 2:26am 3:09am 3:56am 4:48am High 8:04am 8:37am 9:10am 9:44am 10:21am 11:02am 11:46am Low 3:00pm 3:39pm 4:16pm 4:51pm 5:27pm 6:03pm 6:40pm High 8:06pm 8:51pm 9:35pm 10:18pm 11:02pm 11:47pm Low SWAN CREEK Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:28am 1:05am 1:46am 2:29am 3:16am 4:08am High 7:03am 7:36am 8:09am 8:43am 9:20am 10:01am 10:45am Low 2:20pm 2:59pm 3:36pm 4:11pm 4:47pm 5:23pm 6:00pm High 7:05pm 7:50pm 8:34pm 9:17pm 10:01pm 10:46pm 11:34pm Low KENT NARROWS Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:27am 1:10am 1:57am 2:49am High 5:31am 6:04am 6:37am 7:11am 7:48am 8:29am 9:13am Low 1:01pm 1:40pm 2:17pm 2:52pm 3:38pm 4:04pm 4:41pm High 5:33pm 6:18pm 7:02pm 7:45pm 8:29pm 9:14pm 10:02pm Low 11:09pm 11:46pm CORSICA RIVER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:11am 12:46am 1:23am 2:04am 2:47am 3:34am 4:26am High 7:21am 7:54am 8:27am 9:01am 9:38am 10:19am 11:03am Low 2:38pm 3:17pm 3:54pm 4:29pm 5:05pm 5:41pm 6:18pm High 7:23pm 8:08pm 8:52pm 9:35pm 10:19pm 11:04pm 11:52pm Low TOLCHESTER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:08am 12:43am 1:20am 2:01am 2:44am 3:31am 4:23am High 7:19am 7:52am 8:45am 8:59am 9:36am 10:17am 11:01am Low 2:35pm 3:14pm 3:51pm 4:26pm 5:02pm 5:38pm 6:15pm High 7:21pm 8:06pm 8:50pm 9:33pm 10:17pm 11:02pm 11:50pm Low BETTERTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 2:12am 2:47am 3:24am 4:05am 4:48am High 9:36am 10:09am 10:42am 11:16am 11:53am 12:34am 1:19am Low 4:39pm 5:18pm 5:55pm 6:30pm 7:06pm 5:35am 6:27am High 9:38pm 10:23pm 11:07pm 11:50pm 12:34pm 1:18pm Low 7:42pm 8:19pm CRUMPTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 1:01am 1:36am 2:13am 2:54am 3:37am 4:24am 5:16am High 8:11am 8:44am 9:17am 9:51am 10:28am 11:09am 11:53am Low 3:28pm 4:07pm 4:44pm 5:19pm 5:55pm 6:31pm 7:08pm High 8:13pm 8:58pm 9:42pm 10:25pm 11:09pm 11:54pm Low Announcing Rock Hall’s One of Kind “Yarn Bomb” 2021 Public Art Piece You are invited to join Rock Hall Elementary School and Main Street Rock Hall (MSRH) in creating a one-of-a-kind piece of public art. This year the plan is to create a swashbuckling, pirate-themed display. Using acrylic yarn (knitting, crocheting, counted cross stitch, etc.) participants are asked to create a one dimensional (flat) pirate-related object of at least one foot in length – the bigger the better!. Examples are: pirates, swords, skull and cross bones, treasure chests, anchors, etc. Your creation does not need to be realis- tic, and feel free to use bright colors and your imagination. The area of the com- pleted project will be 6 feet high and over 60 feet long. Please drop off all yarn creations at The Hickory Stick located at 21326 Sharp Street in Rock Hall by Saturday, July 3 rd . Tag with the artist’s name and email if possible. Please do not place creations in plastic bags. Hopes are to hang the mural during the third week of July. It will remain in place for approximately a month, or until the elements have taken their toll. Please contact Laurie Walters mainstreetrockhall@gmail.com fo r more informa- tion or to donate acrylic yarn, needles, or crochet hooks. O penings A t W hispering P ines A ssisted L iving 5811 South Hawthorne Avenue, Rock Hall, Maryland 21661 We offer Long Term, Respite Care and Medical Waiver programs in a fun loving setting. Dr. Recommended Facility with RN on Staff. For More Information Call 410-639-7771 or 410-818-3389 or visit us at www.whisperingpinesrockhall.com Caring for you like Family! 24 Hour Monitoring • Medication Management • Attentive Experienced Staff Private Rooms • 2 Rooms with Private Baths • Accepting Men, Women & Couples Awake Overnight Staff Every ad printed in Tidewater Trader is also published online for two weeks – at no additional charge! Take advantage of incredibly great rates and place your ad today for results tomorrow! Email george@tidewatertrader.com today or call 410-778-1262 x2002 FREE 2 Weeks ONLINE with an ad in Tidewater Trader Thurs, July 22nd 7pm-8pm - Festival Fo- rum from the National Music Festival fea- turing associate professor of flute and soloist Jennifer Parker-Harley in a live discussion via Zoom; Register online at www.nationalmusic.us. Fri & Sat, July 23rd & 24th 8pm-1-pm - Short Attention Span Theatre 10 min- ute play festival at Garfield Center for the Arts, 210 High St., Chestertown; Call 410-810-2060; For details and tickets please visit www.garfieldcenter.org. Fri-Sat, July 23rd-31st - Cecil County Fair at Fair Hill Fairgrounds, 4640 Telegraph Road, Elkton; Ccall 410-392-3440; More information is available online by visiting www.cecilcountyfair.org. Mon-Thurs, July 26th-August 5th - Free Swimming Lesssons with SOS Sink or Swim at the Bay Hundred Community Pool, St. Michaels and George Murphy Community Pool, Easton; 18 mos.-18 yrs.; Registration deadline July 15th; De- tails and registration are available online at www.sossinkorswim.org. Fri, July 30th - Special Dinner at Elks Lodge #2474, 8631 Bell Rose Lane, off Rt. 20, Chestertown; Call 410-778-6370. Sat, July 31st 12:30pm - 5th Annual Gun/ Cash Bash at Rock Hall Vol. Fire Co., 21500 Rock Hall Ave., Rock Hall; Doors open 11am; $40/donation includes admis- sion for one, food, beer and soda; Cash bar; Win guns, raffles and 50/50’s; Must be age 18 or older; Call 443-480-0675 or 410-708-7990. Mon-Fri, August 2nd-6th - White Marlin Open in Ocean City; Worlds largest bill- fish tournament; $6 million prize money; 410-289-2800 ;www.whitemarlinopen.com; contact@whitemarlinopen.com. Wed-Sat,August4th-7th-Caroline-Dorches- ter County Fair at Caroline County 4-H Park, 8230 Detour Rd., Denton; 410-479-4030; www.caroline-dorchestercountyfair.org. Sat, August 7th 12pm-4pm - Peach Festival at Godfrey’s Farm, 302 Leager Rd., Sudlers- ville; Benefits Sudlersville Vol. Fire Co.; 410-438-3509; www.godfreysfarm.com.