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Tidewater Trader May 12, 2021 Page 40 2021 TIDE TABLES For Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore Week of May 12 - May 18, 2021 WARNING: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc. does not warrant, for any use or purpose, the ac- curacy nor completeness of these charts. User hereby agrees to hold harmless The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc., their officers,directors,employees and agents, from any and all liability for any damages whatsoever,and regardless of cause, to person or property, including third persons,arising from the use of this service.The prudent mariner will never rely on any single aid for navigation.© 2001-2021 Maryland DNR andTide High and Low, Inc. (www.saltwatertides.com ) May 12 May 13 May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18 CHESTERTOWN Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 1:49am 2:19am 2:53am 3:31am 4:14am High 9:03am 9:36am 10:09am 10:45am 11:24am 12:10am 12:59am Low 3:52pm 4:32pm 5:12pm 5:51pm 6:32pm 5:04am 6:02am High 9:16pm 9:57pm 10:39pm 11:23pm 12:09pm 12:59pm Low 7:14pm 7:57pm SWAN CREEK Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 1:09am 1:39am 2:13am 2:51am 3:34am 4:24am 5:22am High 8:02am 8:35am 9:08am 9:44am 10:23am 11:08am 11:58am Low 3:12pm 3:52pm 4:32pm 5:11pm 5:52pm 6:34pm 7:17pm High 8:15pm 8:56pm 9:38pm 10:22pm 11:09pm 11:58pm Low KENT NARROWS Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:20am 12:54am 1:32am 2:15am 3:05am 4:03am High 6:30am 7:03am 7:36am 8:12am 8:51am 9:36am 10:26am Low 1:53pm 2:33pm 3:13pm 3:52pm 4:33pm 5:15pm 5:58pm High 6:43pm 7:24pm 8:06pm 8:50pm 9:37pm 10:26pm 11:18pm Low CORSICA RIVER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 1:27am 1:57am 2:31am 3:09am 3:52am 4:42am High 8:20am 8:53am 9:26am 10:02am 10:41am 11:26am 12:16am Low 3:30pm 4:10pm 4:50pm 5:29pm 6:10pm 6:52pm 5:40am High 8:33pm 9:14pm 9:56pm 10:40pm 11:27pm 12:16pm Low 7:35pm TOLCHESTER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 1:24am 1:54am 2:28am 3:06am 3:49am 4:39am High 8:18am 8:51am 9:24am 10:00am 10:39am 11:24am 12:14am Low 3:27pm 4:07pm 4:47pm 5:26pm 6:07pm 6:49pm 5:37am High 8:31pm 9:12pm 9:54pm 10:38pm 11:25pm 12:14pm Low 7:32pm BETTERTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 3:28am 3:58am 4:32am High 10:35am 11:08am 11:41am 12:11am 12:55am 1:42am 2:31am Low 5:31pm 6:11pm 6:51pm 5:10am 5:53am 6:43am 7:41am High 10:48pm 11:29pm 12:17pm 12:56pm 1:41pm 2:31pm Low 7:30pm 8:11pm 8:53pm 9:36pm CRUMPTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 2:17am 2:47am 3:21am 3:59am 4:42am High 9:10am 9:43am 10:16am 10:52am 11:31am 12:17am 1:06am Low 4:20pm 5:00pm 5:40pm 6:19pm 7:00pm 5:32am 6:30am High 9:23pm 10:04pm 10:46pm 11:30pm 12:16pm 1:06pm Low 7:42pm 8:25pm MEDICAL CANNABIS JOHN C. ARRABAL, Jr., M.D. 415 Washington Avenue, Suite 2 Chestertown, MD 21620 Office 410-778-6410 Fax 410-778-2144 90.5 WKHS student public radio Become a Member www.wkhsradio.org Marzella’s by the Bay Food &Beer Carry Out or Delivery ONLY 3 Howell Point Road, Betterton, MD 410-348-5555 Open 7 Days aWeek Monday 4:30-9pm • Tuesday through Sunday 10am-9pm For their continued support! Betterton Volunteer Fire Co. thanks SIGN UP to be notified every Wednesday morning that our new issue is ONLINE & ON STANDS! ...want a REMINDER? Send your email address to & get signed up for a weekly reminder! marcia@tidewatertrader.com Read Tidewater Trader ONLINE for FREE! NO login! NO password! We make it super easy to read! Wed, May 12th 7:30pm - Kent Co. Demo- cratic Central Committee’s Kennedy-King Virtual Dinner; 6:45pm virtual social hour and music; Speaker Representative Jamie Raskin; Tickets include dinner to be picked up at Occasions Catering; Tickets at www.kentdems.org or Kent Co. Democrat- ic Headquarters, 357 High St., Chestertown throughMay 9th; kentdemsmd@gmail.com. Wed, May 12th-26th - 50% Off women’s dresses and pants and men’s shirts at the Nearly New Shop, 320 High St. (corner of High & Spring Sts.), Chestertown; Mon/ Wed/Fri 10am-4pm, Sat 9am-1pm; Ben- efits UM Shore Medical Center at Chester- town; Call 410-778-1781 for more informa- tion or to arrange donations. Wed, May 12th 6pm - Comprehensive Re- zoning and Update Task Force Meeting at the County Commissioners Hearing Room, 400 High St., Chestertown, via Teams or by phone; All members of the public are wel- come; Must register; Call 410-778-7423; For more inofrmation and details visit www.kentcounty.com/compzone. Thurs, May 13th - Living Life After Losses and Asia and Asians in the 18th Century Mid-Atlantic with Kent County Public Li- brary, 408 High St., Chestertown; May 19th Yard Waste Management; May 25th Purge to Clear Out; Every Tues. Storytime on Facebook; Every Wed. Virtual Book Club; Curbside Pickup; In-building services Tues. Thurs & Sat; Dial-A-Story 1-888-964-2686; Details on Phase 5 re-opening available online by visiting www.kentcountylibrary. org; For more info call 410-778-3636. Thurs, May 13th & Mon, May 17th 8:30am- 12:30pm - Free Covid-19 Testing by ap- pointment only at 514 Washington Ave., #5, Chestertown; Must wear a face covering; Symptoms not required; Doctors order not required for ages 18 & older; Doctors or- der required for under age 18; Must live or work in a Kent County, MD zip code; Test- ing available every Mon. & Thurs. 8:30am- 12:30pm; For appt. call 410-778-1350. Thurs, May 13th 7pm - Facebook Live Sul- tana Session: Fish + Plants = Aquaponics with Lauren Croissant; Seminar Series ex- plores variety of Chesapeake Bay topics in history, humanities, ecology & current events; Free; Visit Sultana Education Foun- dation on FB; www.sultanaeducation.org. Fri, May 14th - Bird Migration Walk at Adkins Arboretum, 12610 Eveland Rd., Ridgely; May 15th Nature, Nurture & Nu- trition, Bird Walk, Swimming in Eden Re- ception; May 16th Nature; Virtual Exhib- its; Zoom Book Club; Call 410-634-2847; www.adkinsarboretum.org. Fri, May 14th - Burger Dinner with 2 sides at Elks Lodge #2474, 8631 Bell Rose Lane, off Rt. 20, Chestertown; 410-778-6370. Sat, May 15th - Community Day at Acad- emy Art Museum, 114 N. Washington St., Easton; May 18th Oil Painting; May 21st Plein Air Landscape Painting; Homeschool Mini Sessions; Call 410-822-2787; Visit www.academyartmuseum.org. Email your organization’s event to classifieds@tidewatertrader.com Call George ~ 410-778-1262 ext. 2002 george@tidewatertrader.com Want to get your business in the paper for Free? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Love Tidewater Trader? When you send in a testimonial, we will publish it and include your Business Name, Location, Telephone Number & Website - for FREE!