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Tidewater Trader May 12, 2021 Page 28 Your weekly horoscope by Sally Brompton • May 17-23, 2021 If Your Birthday Is This Week: You may be a realist by nature but it will pay you to let yourself dream a bit too. If you get the balance right there is every chance your mind will open up to new ideas, of the kind you used to think were a bit off the wall. ARIES (March 21 - April 20): You may feel a bit low and listless as the new week begins but once the Sun changes signs on Thursday your energy levels will start surging again. If there is one thing you are not Aries it is lazy – in fact you often do far too much. TAURUS (April 21 - May 21): Whatever you choose to do over the next few days you must make sure you do it to the best of your abilities. Your reputation is very much on the line, so make sure employers and other important people are not given reasons to complain. GEMINI (May 22 - June 21): What takes place early in the new week may not be to your liking but it won’t be the calamity some people say it is, so stay calm and wait for the cosmic outlook to change – which it will do when the Sun enters your sign on Thursday. CANCER (June 22 - July 23): You desperately need to lighten up a bit Cancer. Is the world really in as terrible a state as some people claim it is? No, of course not, so don’t get caught up in the general feeling of doom and gloom. Find something to smile about. LEO (July 24 - Aug. 23): The world is full of possibilities and over the next few days you will get the chance to make something good out of at least one of them. Your positive outlook won’t just make things happen for you – family and friends will see the benefits too. VIRGO (Aug. 24 - Sept. 23): You may find it hard to stay cool when dealing with people who rub you up the wrong way but deep down you know they want you to get angry, most likely because they think it will make them look good. It’s an old trick – don’t fall for it! LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23): Don’t waste time trying to get approval for something you know the powers that be are opposed to. Either drop the idea altogether or do it on the quiet. The fact is you don’t need other people’s support, no matter who they may be. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22): What other people say is important and what you say is important are likely to be two very different things this week. On this occasion there will be no middle ground, so go your own way and do your own thing and let them do likewise. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21): You will have to make a tough decision of some kind this week and it may not endear you to others either at home or at work. You won’t think twice about it though. You’re not the sort to let other people’s problems become your problems too. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20): You will need to remind yourself over the next few days that you are under no obligation to explain yourself to anyone for any reason. There is only one person whose approval you need and that is the person you can see in the mirror. Trust yourself more. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19): Some people you get along with and some people you don’t and that’s just the way it is. With that fact in mind don’t think you need to be nice to those who are rarely, if ever, nice to you. Save your affection for those who deserve it. PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20): It may be the case that a friend or colleague has let you down but you must resist the urge to cut them out of your life. Everyone deserves a second chance, and sometimes even a third, so point out what they’ve done wrong and then let it go. sally brompton Weekly Horoscope visit sally at www.sallybrompton.com Spring Topsoil Sale 410-708-8392 Cell Screened Topsoil $40.00 per yard $120 minimum Delivery available - Call for pricing State Licensed and Insured Commercial • Residential Labor Saving Removal of Dirt and Mildew from Decks, Houses, Docks, Walkways, Bricks, Boats andWet Sandblasting DELMARVA POWER WASHING FREE ESTIMATES INSURED We Power Wash Almost Anything 410-758-1824 CHESTERTOWN,MD COPPAGE PA V I N G , I N C . Specializing in Commercial or Residential Paving, Seal Coating, Screened Asphalt Millings, Driveway Repairs TAR and CHIP CHIP COPPAGE 443.309.9796 Eastern Shore Baptist Church - Bible Study 10am; Sun. Service 11am & 6pm; Wed. Service 7pm; Nursery provided; 119 Sta- tion Lane, Grasonville; Call 410-490-4950; www.easternshorebaptistchurch.org. Chestertown Church of Nazarene - Sun School 9:30am; Sun coffee & chat 10:30am; Sun worship 11am; Rt. 213, Kingstown; 6943 Church Hill Rd., Chestertown; Visit www.chestertownnazarene.org. Chestertown Christian Gathering - Sun 9:45am Adult Small Group, Children’s Movie; Sun 10:30am Gathering, Children’s Program; Wed 6:30pm Family Gathering, Adult, Teen, Children Small Groups; 932 Washington Ave., Unit 1, Austin Plaza, Chestertown; Find us on Facebook. Haven Ministries - Assistance with food, housing, employment and more; Season- al shelter, resource center, food pantries and thrift stores; Call 410-739-4363; Visit www.haven-ministries.org. Trinity Lutheran Church - 10am Sun ser- vice, Sun school & children’s church; Bible study 8:45am; Sun. Matins Service 8pm; 101 Greenwood Ave., Chestertown; Call 410-778-2744. Faith Unity Fellowship Ministries - Sun School 9:30am, Worship 11am; Little Lights of Faith Early Learning Center; Bish- op Robert M. Pritchett, Jr., D.D., Senior Pastor, Co-Pastor Christine Pritchett; 116 Liberty Lane, Chestertown; 410-778-4300; www.faithunityfm.org. Blackwater NWR to Hold Youth Fishing Event on June 5 th and 6 th In partnership with the Friends of Blackwater and the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) will hold its annual Youth Fishing Event on Saturday, June 5 th and Sunday, June 6 th , from 9:00am to 12:00pm, at “Hog Range” Pond behind the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center in Church Creek. This is a family-friendly fishing event for children 15 and under, aimed at beginner and novice anglers. This year there are several changes to the event format to help promote social distancing guidelines and keep participants and staff safe. All participants will be required to preregister by phone for this event. Beginning May 17 th at 9:00am, family groups of up to five (5) individuals can register by phone for one of the 15 spots available each day by calling 410-221-8157. Each registered family group will be required to have an email address so that they can receive guidelines for the event, updates, and reminders. On the day of the event, all participants, staff and volunteers will be required to wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth in common areas such as restrooms, reg- istration, under the pavilion, and walking to and from fishing locations. Once anglers are at their designated fishing spot, masks may be removed as long as they remain socially distant (6 feet or more) from those outside their family group. Handwashing will be available on site for all participants in the pavilion restrooms, and hand sanitiz- er stations will be placed near the pavilion and in several locations around the pond. Upon checking in at the event, registered youth will receive a t-shirt and special gift. Bait (nightcrawlers) will be provided for anglers, or they may bring their own bait or lures. A limited number of sanitized “loaner” fishing rods will be available, but anglers are encouraged to bring their own if they have one. As always, staff and volunteers are on hand to provide assistance to any of the young anglers who might need help. Bottled drinks and prepackaged snacks will also be provided for participants free- of-charge. Parents should note that this is a non-competitive, catch-and-release event, meant to introduce children to the fun of fishing. Any snakeheads that are caught may be kept, but they must be deceased before they leave the premises. Participants should also note that no pets are allowed at this event. If you have any questions, please email fw5rw_BWNWR@fws.gov . Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, pro- tects over 32,000 acres of rich tidal marsh, mixed hardwood and pine forest, man- aged freshwater wetlands and cropland for a diversity of wildlife. To learn more, visit the Refuge’s website www.fws.gov/refuge/blackwater or @BlackwaterNWR. Read Tidewater Trader on your mobile device! Click on the cover image and read the entire paper! www.tidewatertrader.com