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Tidewater Trader April 28, 2021 Page 40 Bay Bridge Study Open for Public Comments through May 10 th The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) invite all interested parties to join them at the Tier 1 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Bay Crossing Study Public Hearings. The purpose of the Bay Crossing Study is to consider corridors for providing additional capacity and access across the Chesapeake Bay in order to improve mobility, travel reliability, and safety at the existing Bay Bridge. Currently, three corridors remain under consideration, as well as a no-build option. Corridor 6 Connects Pasadena and Centreville and does not follow the existing road network on Eastern Shore to tie into US 301. Corridor 7 follows the existing road network along US 50/301 from west of the Severn River on the Western Shore to the US 50/301 split on the Eastern Shore and includes the location of existing Bay Bridge. Corridor 8 follows MD 214/424 and ties into existing US 50 interchange on Western Shore and does not follow the existing road network on Eastern Shore to connect to US 50. Public Hearings will be made up of two components: the Public Hearing Virtual Information Room (VIR) at https://www.baycrossingstudy.com/tier-1-deis/virtual- information-room, which began February 23, 2021 and continues through May 10, 2021, and Live Testimony Sessions at https://www.baycrossingstudy.com/tier-1-deis/ testimony-registration, which were held in April. The DEIS and public hearing materials are available for review in the Virtual Information Room (VIR). The public is encouraged to review these materials and provide comment. If you are unable to access the DEIS via the website or if additional assistance is required, please call 877-249-8370 or email the project team at info@baycrossingstudy.com. In the VIR, attendees will have the opportunity to: • Review information on the Tier 1 DEIS and the MDTA-Recommended Preferred Corridor Alternative • Register to give public or one-on-one testimony • Learn how to submit and provide written comments For more information visit https://www.baycrossingstudy.com/ public-involvement/upcoming-meetings. 2021 TIDE TABLES For Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore Week of April 28 - May 4, 2021 WARNING: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc. does not warrant, for any use or purpose, the ac- curacy nor completeness of these charts. User hereby agrees to hold harmless The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc., their officers,directors,employees and agents, from any and all liability for any damages whatsoever,and regardless of cause, to person or property, including third persons,arising from the use of this service.The prudent mariner will never rely on any single aid for navigation.© 2001-2021 Maryland DNR andTide High and Low, Inc. (www.saltwatertides.com ) April 28 April 29 April 30 May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4 CHESTERTOWN Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 2:17am 3:00am 3:49am 4:44am High 9:18am 10:09am 11:02am 11:58am 12:27am 1:30am 2:33am Low 4:08pm 5:07pm 6:06pm 7:04pm 5:49am 7:04am 8:24am High 9:40pm 10:33pm 11:28pm 12:58pm 2:03pm 3:11pm Low 8:04pm 8:57pm 9:49pm SWAN CREEK Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 1:37am 2:20am 3:09am 4:04am 5:09am High 8:17am 9:08am 10:01am 10:57am 11:57am 12:29am 1:32am Low 3:28pm 4:27pm 5:26pm 6:24pm 7:21pm 6:24am 7:44am High 8:39pm 9:32pm 10:27pm 11:26pm 1:02pm 2:10pm Low 8:17pm 9:09pm KENT NARROWS Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:18am 1:01am 1:50am 2:45am 3:50am 5:05am High 6:45am 7:36am 8:29am 9:25am 10:25am 11:30am 12:01am Low 2:09pm 3:08pm 4:07pm 5:05pm 6:02pm 6:58pm 6:25am High 7:07pm 8:00pm 8:55pm 9:54pm 10:57pm 12:38pm Low 7:50pm CORSICA RIVER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 1:55am 2:38am 3:27am 4:22am 5:27am High 8:35am 9:26am 10:19am 11:15am 12:15pm 12:47am 1:50am Low 3:46pm 4:45pm 5:44pm 6:42pm 7:39pm 6:42am 8:02am High 8:57pm 9:50pm 10:45pm 11:44pm 1:20pm 2:28pm Low 8:35pm 9:27pm TOLCHESTER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 1:52am 2:35am 3:24am 4:19am 5:24am High 8:33am 9:24am 10:17am 11:13am 12:13pm 12:45am 1:48am Low 3:43pm 4:42pm 5:41pm 6:39pm 7:36pm 6:39am 7:59am High 8:55pm 9:48pm 10:43pm 11:42pm 1:18pm 2:26pm Low 8:32pm 9:24pm BETTERTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 3:56am 4:39am High 10:50am 11:41am 12:05am 1:00am 1:59am 3:02am 4:05am Low 5:47pm 6:46pm 5:28am 6:23am 7:28am 8:43am 10:03am High 11:12pm 12:34pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:35pm 4:43pm Low 7:45pm 8:43pm 9:40pm 10:36pm 11:28pm CRUMPTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 2:45am 3:28am 4:17am 5:12am High 9:25am 10:16am 11:09am 12:05pm 12:34am 1:37am 2:40am Low 4:36pm 5:35pm 6:34pm 7:32pm 6:17am 7:32am 8:52am High 9:47pm 10:40pm 11:35pm 1:05pm 2:10pm 3:18pm Low 8:29pm 9:25pm 10:17pm Marzella’s by the Bay Food &Beer Carry Out or Delivery ONLY 3 Howell Point Road, Betterton, MD 410-348-5555 Open 7 Days aWeek Monday 4:30-9pm • Tuesday through Sunday 10am-9pm For their continued support! 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Fri & Sat, April 30th & May 1st and May 7th & 8th 8pm - “1959 Pink Thunderbird”, “Laundry & Bourbon” and “Lone Star” an evening of one act plays with Garfield Cen- ter for the Arts; Performed live on stage for a streaming online audience; Ticket $15; 210 High St., Chestertown; 410-810-2060; www.garfieldcenter.org. Fri, April 30th 1pm - 5th Annual KART Klas- sic Golf Tournament at Back Creek Golf Club, 101 Back Creek Dr., Middletown, DE; Scramble format; Benefits Kent Associa- tion of Riding Therapy; Call 410-870-5596; www.kentridingtherapy.org. Fri, April 30th - Bird Migration Walk at Adkins Arboretum, 12610 Eveland Rd., Ridgely; May 1st Guided Walk; May 2nd Nature Sketchers; Virtual Exhibits; Zoom Book Club; Call 410-634-2847; Visit www.adkinsarboretum.org. Fri, April 30th - Special Dinner at Elks Lodge #2474, 8631 Bell Rose Lane, off Rt. 20, Chestertown; Call 410-778-6370. 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