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Tidewater Trader April 7, 2021 Page 42 April 7 April 8 April 9 April 10 April 11 April 12 April 13 CHESTERTOWN Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:04am 12:45am 1:21am 1:50am 2:16am 3:40am High 4:51am 5:48am 6:39am 7:26am 8:09am 8:49am 9:28am Low 11:00am 12:02pm 12:56pm 1:45pm 2:31pm 3:14pm 3:57pm High 5:52pm 6:45pm 7:29pm 8:06pm 8:40pm 9:14pm 9:47pm Low SWAN CREEK Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:05am 12:41am 1:10am 1:36am 2:00am High 3:50am 4:47am 5:38am 6:25am 7:08am 7:48am 8:27am Low 10:20am 11:22am 12:16pm 1:05pm 1:51pm 2:34pm 3:17pm High 4:51pm 5:44pm 6:28pm 7:05pm 7:39pm 8:13pm 8:46pm Low 11:24pm KENT NARROWS Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:17am 12:41am High 2:18am 3:15am 4:06am 4:53am 5:36am 6:16am 6:55am Low 9:01am 10:03am 10:57am 11:46am 12:32pm 1:15pm 1:58pm High 3:19pm 4:12pm 4:56pm 5:33pm 6:07pm 6:41pm 7:14pm Low 10:05pm 10:46pm 11:22pm 11:51pm CORSICA RIVER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:23am 12:59am 1:28am 1:54am 2:18am High 4:08am 5:05am 5:56am 6:43am 7:26am 8:06am 8:45am Low 10:38am 11:40am 12:34pm 1:23pm 2:09pm 2:52pm 3:35pm High 5:09pm 6:02pm 6:46pm 7:23pm 7:57pm 8:31pm 9:04pm Low 11:42pm TOLCHESTER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:20am 12:56am 1:25am 1:51am 2:15am High 4:06am 5:03am 5:54am 6:41am 7:24am 8:04am 8:43am Low 10:35am 11:37am 12:31pm 1:20pm 2:06pm 2:49pm 3:32pm High 5:07pm 6:00pm 6:44pm 7:21pm 7:55pm 8:29pm 9:02pm Low 11:39pm BETTERTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:56am 1:43am 2:24am 3:00am 3:29am 3:55am 4:19am High 6:23am 7:20am 8:11am 8:58am 9:41am 10:21am 11:00am Low 12:39pm 1:41pm 2:35pm 3:24pm 4:10pm 4:53pm 5:36pm High 7:24pm 8:17pm 9:01pm 9:39pm 10:12pm 10:46pm 11:19pm Low CRUMPTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:32am 1:13am 1:49am 2:18am 2:44am 3:08am High 4:58am 5:55am 6:46am 7:33am 8:16am 8:56am 9:35am Low 11:28am 12:30pm 1:24pm 2:13pm 2:59pm 3:42pm 4:25pm High 5:59pm 6:52pm 7:36pm 8:13pm 8:47pm 9:21pm 10:54pm Low 2021 TIDE TABLES For Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore Week of April 7 - April 13, 2021 WARNING: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc. does not warrant, for any use or purpose, the ac- curacy nor completeness of these charts. User hereby agrees to hold harmless The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc., their officers,directors,employees and agents, from any and all liability for any damages whatsoever,and regardless of cause, to person or property, including third persons,arising from the use of this service.The prudent mariner will never rely on any single aid for navigation.© 2001-2021 Maryland DNR andTide High and Low, Inc. (www.saltwatertides.com ) Jacqueline Pollauf Live from The Mainstay on Friday, April 9 th The Mainstay in Rock Hall continues its livestream concert series with a perfor- mance by American harpist, Jacqueline Pollauf on Friday, April 9 th at 7pm. All concerts are streamed live from Kent County’s favorite live music venue via a private uplink available through The Mainstay’s website. Jacqueline Pollauf is praised for her sensitive performances, ded- ication to teaching, and beauti- fully-crafted compositions. With both a Master and Bachelor of Music degree from the Peabody Conservatory she is extensively trained in her craft. Jacqueline has a substantial list of performing, recording, and composing credits under her belt. Past performances include a premiere for voice and harp at Carnegie Hall and appearances at the Eleventh World Harp Con- gress and the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Recording credits in- clude Songs and Dreams for solo harp, featuring Jacqueline’s own compositions and transcriptions; Voyage, a recording of avant-garde harp and saxophone duos with saxophonist Noah Getz, praised for its “nuanced style and impressive tech- nique” (Megan Ihnen, The Sybaritic Singer); Bouquet, Jacqueline’s debut solo album; and Music from Three Continents with the Scottish Voices ensemble of Glasgow, Scotland. When she isn’t busy working on her solo career she performs as a part of Trio Sirènes alongside flutist Marcia McHugh and violist Karin Brown. The group performs throughout the East Coast with noteworthy features for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Chamber Music by Candlelight Series and the Strathmore Mansion Concert Series. Jacqueline also regularly performs alongside Dariusz Skoraczewski, principle cellist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and in a wide variety of ensembles across the globe. Jacqueline maintains a private studio of harp students as well as her Youtube channel where she posts instructional videos and performances. She has also taught masterclasses at a variety of universities, including Salisbury University here in Maryland. Her dedication to music and her art is not something you come by every day. Her virtual performance at the Mainstay is not one to miss! Streaming pass is $10 and is available until the day of the performance. Informa- tion and ticket sales are available at www.mainstayrockhall.org. Jacqueline Pollauf will be livestreamed from the Mainstay on Friday, April 9 th at 7pm. O penings A t W hispering P ines A ssisted L iving 5811 South Hawthorne Avenue, Rock Hall, Maryland 21661 We offer Long Term, Respite Care and Medical Waiver programs in a fun loving setting. Dr. Recommended Facility with RN on Staff. For More Information Call 410-639-7771 or 410-818-3389 or visit us at www.whisperingpinesrockhall.com Caring for you like Family! 24 Hour Monitoring • Medication Management • Attentive Experienced Staff Private Rooms • 2 Rooms with Private Baths • Accepting Men, Women & Couples Awake Overnight Staff CAPTAIN CRUMPTON © Sounds Like: BRING FALLEN Last Week: Birds Chirping Long-term or short-term care, hospice assistance as needed. • Awake Overnight Staff • Private Rooms • We are much less expensive then around-the-clock in-home care. Please Call for Room Availability Rock Hall, MD • Hubbard & Sharon Kendall, Owners 410-639-7378 The Golden Rule Continuing Care Living Need Advice? Write To Dr. Truth, Send to info@tidewatertrader.com or mail to P.O. Box 412, Chestertown, MD 21620. Sun, April 18th 1pm - ShoreRivers Com- munity Trash Cleanup at Chestertown Rail Trail on the Chester River in Chestertown; Volunteers needed; Call 443-385-0511 ext. 276; lwood@shorerivers.org; D etails onine at www.shorerivers.org. Mon, April 19th 6pm - Town of Galena Park & Tree Committee meet at 101 S. Main St., Galena; Call 410-648-5151; For more infor- mation visit www.townofgalena.com. Tues, April 20th 6pm-8:30pm - 206 Tues- days at Six Open Mic at QAC Centre for the Arts, 206 S. Commerce St., Centrev- ille; Free; All welcome; Acoustic musicians, writers, poets, etc.; RSVP 410-758-2520; www.queenannescountyarts.com. Tues, April 20th - Provincetown Printers with Fred Dylla via Zoom with Chestertown RiverArts; April 24th A Watercolor Spring Tuneup Where The Sky’s Not The Limit with Steve Bleinberger; Skills Share Videos; Tues. Salon Series; Wed. Roundtables; Thurs. Photography Club; PleinAir Group; 315 High St., Chestertown; 410-778-6300; www.chestertownriverarts.org. Wed & Thurs, April 21st & 22nd 6pm-8pm - In Person Testimony Session for public comments regarding the three corridors under consideration for the Bay Bridge Crossing, as well a a no-build option; April 21st at at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel An- napolis, 210 Holiday Court, Annapolis; April 22nd at Kent Island American Legion Hall, 800 Romancoke Rd., Stevensville; Call 877-249-8370; More information and complete details are available online at www.baybridgecrossingstudy.com. Wed, April 21st 7pm - QAC Democrats Monthly Meeting via Zoom; Guest speaker Toni Watkins of the New Georgia Project; Must pre-register at www.qacdems.org. Thurs-Sat, April 22nd-24th 11am-4pm - Garden Gate Fundraiser Flower Mart & Craft Fair at Talbot Co. Women’s Club, 18 Talbot Lane, Easton; Wide selection of geraniums, annuals, perennials, herbs, hanging baskets, garden planters, outdoor garden decor, bird feeders, birdhouses, lo- cal jewelry & other unique items; For more information call 410-310-8919 or visit www.talbotcountywomensclub.org.