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Tidewater Trader February 17, 2021 Page 26 Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Hosts K-9 Nose Work Event on February 21 st Guests visiting the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum on Sunday, February 21 st , will once again have the oppor- tunity to watch teams of experienced U.S. handler/dog teams train on campus, in addition to the chance to see Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s numerous indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Campus will be closed to the public as part of the event on Friday, February 19 th , and Saturday, February 20 th . From 10am to 1pm, and again from 1pm to 3pm, teams from various states across the U.S. will take part in K-9 Nose Work (also called scent work and search work), a sport for dogs and their owners that’s created, sanc- tioned, and organized by the National Association of Ca- nine Scent Work. During the training, dogs will be tasked with searching for and locating specific items through just the use of smell. This event, which is free for Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum guests with general admission, is presented by Bob Boyles, a dog trainer, former law enforcement K-9 handler, NACSW and AKC judge, and founder of Art of Odor, LLC, and Cornelia C. Heckenbach of Fair Play Kennels, a NACSW champion dog handler/owner and local realtor. Due to the nature of this event, guests’ dogs will not be permit- ted on campus. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s top priority is to provide a comfortable en- vironment for our guests, staff, and the community. To that end, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum requires its guests to follow the Town of St. Michaels ordinance and to wear facial coverings inside buildings at all times and outdoors when within six feet of other guests. For membership contactless entry, please renew or purchase Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum memberships online at www.cbmm.org/membership. Ad ditional information on Chesapeake Bay Mari- time Museum’s enhanced health and comfort measures and operational changes can be found at www.welcome.cbmm.org. Teams of dogs and han- dlers will take part in a K-9 Nose Work training at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum on Sunday, February 21 st . Your weekly horoscope by Sally Brompton • February 22-28, 2021 If Your Birthday Is This Week: Banish all thoughts of failure and disappointment from your mind and begin again with a fresh slate. Your birthday chart suggests that any day can be a new beginning and if you remind yourself of that fact each and every morning a wonderful future is assured. ARIES (March 21 - April 20): Anyone who tries to corner you with a tale of woe must be told in no uncertain terms that you have no sympathy for them and you are not going to make a donation. That may sound harsh but the fact is they’ve always been their own worst enemy. TAURUS (April 21 - May 21): If there is something you need to say to a friend or relative then say it right now. As communications planet Mercury ends its retrograde phase there are no doubt a lot of things you need to get off your chest. So start talking. GEMINI (May 22 - June 21): You may have to twist a few arms to get what you want this week but no one will be able to say “No” to you for long. You have that priceless knack of picking exactly the right words to put across your message both forcefully and persuasively. CANCER (June 22 - July 23): Try not to let slip important information this week, because the more people know about what is going on the less value it will be to you personally. Cosmic activity in the wealth area of your chart warns you could lose out on some serious money. LEO (July 24 - Aug. 23): It’s not like you to focus so much on the past but for some reason you can’t seem to get events from yesteryear out of your head. Remember them one last time, then move past them once and for all. Today and tomorrow are the only days that count. VIRGO (Aug. 24 - Sept. 23): Make an effort to control your temper this week. It may be that someone deserves to feel the rough edge of your tongue but it won’t change anything for the better, and may even make matters worse. Ignore people who annoy you. Pretend they don’t exist. LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23): You need to slow down and catch your breath. Put your plans on hold and don’t worry if you seem to be falling behind rivals on the work front. You will make up for lost ground later on when you get your second wind, just as they are flagging. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22): Big responsibilities are coming your way, the kind of responsibilities that could make or break your reputation. Both at home and at work you will be required to take the lead and show the way. You’ll quite enjoy being in the spotlight. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21): Try to take a more subtle approach when dealing with rivals and opponents. As a Fire sign you tend to approach problems with an “act first, ask questions later” attitude but that won’t work for you now. Get to know other people’s weaknesses. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20): If your friends tell you one thing this week but your instincts tell you a different story entirely it is your instincts you must heed. Now that mind planet Mercury is ending its disruptive retrograde phase you will at least be thinking straight again. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19): Get to the point quickly this week and make sure that any work that needs to be done is done straight away. If you put off doing what has to be done, even for an hour or two, it may never get finished, and your reputation will suffer as a result. PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20): The pace of life will pick up dramatically as the Sun moves deeper into your sign but for the moment you are advised to take things easy and conserve your physical, mental and emotional energy. Aim to start – and continue – the new week feeling as fresh as can be. sally brompton Weekly Horoscope visit sally at www.sallybrompton.com REEDS WELDING AND FABRICATION Equipment Repair, Hand Rails, General Welding and Fabrication Mason Reed Mobile Welder 410-708-5362 Like and Follow us on Facebook Reed’s Welding and Fabrication Who's Cookin’ With Carla? SIMPLE FRUIT SALAD This simple fruit salad is very refreshing in winter months. I scoop up a bowl then let sit to take the chill off before enjoying. It is so simple! Choose your fruits, wash, drain, and combine. Chill in airtight container. Great alone, in a smoothie, on pound cake, or with ice cream. 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Support Groups Tuesdays, March 2nd-April 20th 6:30pm- 9pm - NAMI KQA Virtual Family-to-Family Course; Free; 8 week course for family, significant others & friends of individuals with mental illness; Online via Zoom, reg- istration required; Call National Alliance on Mental Illness KQA 443-480-0565; namikentandqueenannes@gmail.com. 1st Thurs Monthly 4:30pm - Parkinson’s Support Group at Christ UM Church, 401 High St., Chestertown; People with Parkin- son’s disease or symptoms & their loved ones are welcome; Call 410-778-0911. 3rd Sat Monthly 10am-11:30am - “Munch- kins on the Move” Playgroup for parents and children ages 3 & under with Kent Family Center; Online only; For more infor- mation call 410-810-3790. Every Mon 5:30pm-7pm - Men’s Latino Support Group; Online only; For All Sea- sons; Free; Led by Alberto Ardaya; Call 410-822-1018 ext. 207 or send text mes- sages to 443-786-4947. Every Mon 10am-1pm - Calling all Parents who want to raise healthy, confident, hap- py kids to meet with Kent Family Center; Online only; Call 410-810-3790. Every Mon 5:30pm-7pm - Women’s Latino Support Group; Online only; For All Sea- sons; Free; Led by Ivy Garcia; For more information call 410-822-1018 ext. 207 or text 443-786-4947. JLF: Speeding right on up! Email your organization’s event to classifieds@tidewatertrader.com