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Tidewater Trader February 17, 2021 Page 23  Quality Meats, Seafood & Oysters  Fruits  Vegetables  Nuts  Natural Groceries  Unique Treats  Flowers  Unique Gift Items  Wildman’s Herbs & Spices Huge Selection  Gift Certificates  And much more! Find us on Google and Instagram Like Us on Facebook Cross Street Food & Garden Specialty Grocery Store A HARDY MIX 410-648-5354 105 West Cross Street Galena, MD 21635 Open Every Day 9-6 We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of local favorites FLAG FACTS The United States Flag, adopted on June 14, 1777, is the fourth oldest national flag in theworld. Denmark’s flag, adopted in 1219, is the oldest. • A flag expert is called a “vexillologist.” • The blue field on the U.S. Flag is called the “union.” • On Memorial Day (the last Monday in May), to honor all who died in battle, the flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon only, then raised to the top of the staff for the remainder of the day. • Since 1834, the U.S. Flag has flown continuously next to the grave of the Revolutionary War hero, the Marquis de Lafayette, near Paris, France. • June 14 was proclaimed Flag Day by President WoodrowWilson in 1916. While Flag Day was a popular celebration in scores of communities for many years after Wilson’s proclamation, it didn’t receive its official Congressional designation until 1949. The United States Flag should always be treated with the utmost care and respect. Remember, the flag represents a living country, and as such, is considered a living thing. • Always display the flag with the blue union field up – never display the flag upside down, except as a distress signal. • Always hold the flag carefully – never let it touch anything beneath it: the ground, the floor, water or merchandise. • Always keep the flag aloft and free – never carry it flat or horizontally. • Always keep the flag clean and safe – never let it become torn, soiled or damaged. • Always dispose of a flag properly, preferably through veterans’ organizations. • Always treat the flag with respect. Never use it for advertising purposes. Never embroider it on household items or pieces of clothing. Never use it as part of a costume or athletic uniform. However, it is proper to attach a flag patch to the uniform of military personnel, fire fighters, police officers and members of other patriotic organizations – provided the patch is properly affixed. 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Truth © Dogwood Plaza, 119 North Main Street, Galena, Maryland 410-648-5944 • 410-648-5945 10% OFF All Regular Price Items for Seniors 60+ Mondays and Tuesdays Galena Pizzeria OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SUNDAYS: 7 DIFFERENT PASTAS MIX & MATCH 2 FOR $20 Faith Life Church - Mon 7pm National School of Theology; Wed 7pm Prayer/Bible Study; Fri 7:30pm Evangelist Services; Sun 10am Sun School & 11:15am Worship; 434 Calvert St., Chestertown; 410-778-4216; www.flcfaithlife.com; S end emails and questions to life@flcfaithlife.com. Lively and Energizing Worship Service - Ev- ery Sun 9am at First UM Church, 105 N. Mill St., Chestertown; Call 410-778-2977; Details and updates on events are avail- able online at www.firstandchristumc.org. St. Clement’s Episcopal Church - Sun. Worship 10am in English, 12:30pm in Spanish; Wed. 7:30pm Bilingual Rosary; 32940 Maryland Line Rd, Massey; Burial Plots available in Massey Cemetery; Call 410-928-5051; For more information visit www.saintclements.org. 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