Tidewater Trader

Tidewater Trader December 23, 2020 A 1
Trader Bird Says page A8 8
Trader’s Crossword page A10 10
About the Cover page A10 10
Who's Cookin’ With Carla? 19
Baked Egg & Sausage Casserole page A19 19
Mock Heath Bars page A39 39
Hot Spiced Cider page A41 41
Local Dirt page A20 20
Did You Know? page A20 20
Pumped! page A30 30
Dates to Remember page A30 30
Time Traveler page A30 30
Dr. Truth page A30 31
Sudoku page A32 32
Order Form for 40th Anniversary Tidewater Trader Gear page A34 34
Horoscopes page A40 40
Good News page A44 44
Tidewater Trader December 23, 2020 B 49
Word Hunt page B6 54
Community Events page B7 55
Who's Cookin’ With Carla? 56
"Magic" Recipe for Christmas Trees page B8 56
Cinnamon Sour Cream Cake page B10 58
Strawberry Cheddar Dip page B11 59
Snappy Glazed Meatballs page B14 62
Captain Crumpton page B10 58
Movie Theatres page B14 62
Tide Tables page B16 64
Where’s Where page B18 66
Sunrise Sunset page B19 67