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T idewater Trader November 18, 2020 Page 32 2020 TIDE TABLES For Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore Week of Nov. 18 - Nov. 24, 2020 WARNING: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc. does not warrant, for any use or purpose, the accuracy nor completeness of these charts. User hereby agrees to hold harmless The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc., their officers, directors, employees and agents, from any and all liability for any damages whatsoever, and regardless of cause, to person or property, including third persons, arising from the use of this service. The prudent mariner will never rely on any single aid for navigation. © 2001-2020 Maryland DNR and Tide High and Low, Inc. (www.saltwatertides.com) Nov. 18 Nov. 19 Nov. 20 Nov. 21 Nov. 22 Nov. 23 Nov. 24 CHESTERTOWN Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 4:24am 5:21am 6:17am High 9:29am 10:25am 11:24am 12:14am 1:12am 2:08am 3:00am Low 2:57pm 3:52pm 4:54pm 7:11am 8:02am 8:48am 9:29am High 10:22pm 11:17pm 12:26pm 1:30pm 2:34pm 3:36pm Low 6:02pm 7:15pm 8:27pm 9:34pm SWAN CREEK Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 3:44am 4:41am 5:37am 6:31am High 8:28am 9:24am 10:23am 11:25am 12:11am 1:07am 1:59am Low 2:17pm 3:12pm 4:14pm 5:22pm 7:22am 8:08am 8:49am High 9:21pm 10:16pm 11:13pm 12:29pm 1:33pm 2:35pm Low 6:35pm 7:47pm 8:54pm KENT NARROWS Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 2:25am 3:22am 4:18am 5:12am 6:03am 6:49am High 6:56am 7:52am 8:51am 9:53am 10:57am 12:01pm 12:27am Low 12:58pm 1:53pm 2:55pm 4:03pm 5:16pm 6:28pm 7:30am High 7:49pm 8:44pm 9:41pm 10:39pm 11:35pm 1:03pm Low 7:35pm CORSICA RIVER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 4:02am 4:59am 5:55am 6:49am High 8:46am 9:42am 10:41am 11:43am 12:29am 1:25am 2:17am Low 2:35pm 3:30pm 4:32pm 5:40pm 7:40am 8:26am 9:07am High 9:39pm 10:34pm 11:31pm 12:47pm 1:51pm 2:53pm Low 6:53pm 8:05pm 9:12pm TOLCHESTER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 3:59am 4:56am 5:52am 6:46am High 8:44am 9:40am 10:39am 11:41am 12:27am 1:23am 2:15am Low 2:32pm 3:27pm 4:29pm 5:37pm 7:37am 8:23am 8:04am High 9:37pm 10:32pm 11:29pm 12:45pm 1:49pm 2:51pm Low 6:50pm 8:02pm 9:09pm BETTERTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 6:03am 7:00am High 11:01am 11:57am 12:49am 1:46am 2:44am 3:40am 4:32am Low 4:36pm 5:31pm 7:56am 8:50am 9:41am 10:27am 11:08am High 11:54pm 12:56pm 1:58pm 3:02pm 4:06pm 5:08pm Low 6:33pm 7:41pm 8:54pm 10:06pm 11:13pm CRUMPTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 4:52am 5:49am 6:45am High 9:36am 10:32am 11:31am 12:21am 1:19am 2:15am 3:07am Low 3:25pm 4:20pm 5:22pm 7:39am 8:30am 9:16am 9:57am High 10:29pm 11:24pm 12:33pm 1:37pm 2:41pm 3:43pm Low 6:30pm 7:43pm 8:55pm 10:02pm The Mainstay Livestream Concerts Continue Friday, November 20 th with The Eastport Oyster Boys The Mainstay streaming concerts live from Rock Hall continue on Friday, No- vember 20 th at 7pm with Eastern Shore favorites The Eastport Oyster Boys. All concerts are streamed live from Kent County’s favorite live music venue via a private uplink available through The Mainstay’s website. The Eastport Oyster Boys sing songs about the Bay region and the East- ern Shore from Conowingo to Ocean City. Their sound is a blend of origi- nal folk tunes, island rhythms, salsa, boogie, dixie-swing, waltzes, chan- teys and some classic rock-and- roll, all with a maritime theme and an abundant sense of humor. Their songs feature deadrise workboats, oysters, good dogs, blue crabs, and other themes unique to the Chesa- peake celebrating the rich maritime life and heritage of the area. ” Spinsheet Magazine said “The Boys’ style is fun and easy, while their lyrics sing true to the beauties and realities of living on the Bay.” Though calling the watermen’s village of the Maritime Republic of Eastport home, their songs and stories ring true in any of the Chesapeake’s harbor towns, dockyard bars, along its tributaries and in the quiet coves. Their music has been appreciated as far away as the shores of Nova Scotia, Ireland, Europe and Australia. The Boys’ spirit and music has also been featured in nu- merous national and international radio, television, print and film productions. The band includes some of Eastport’s finest musicians (and boat bums): Kevin Brooks on guitar and six string banjo, the versatile Tom Guay on hammer dulci- mer, fiddle and guitar, Andy Fegley on trombone and percussion, and Mike Lange on keyboards, uke and melodica. Their concerts are a musical celebration of life on the shores of the Chesapeake and its many scenic rivers. For more than two decades they have educated, amused and delighted thousands with their wit, wisdom and special message of stewardship and appreciation for the Bay and its maritime culture and history. Tickets are $5 online. Information and advance ticket sales are available on the Mainstay’s website www.mainstayrockhall.org, a nd information for supporting The Mainstay through the COVID-19 crisis can be found at www.mainstayrockhall.org/sponsors. The Eastport Oyster Boys will be streamed live from The Mainstay on Friday, November 20 th . Trader Bird Says © : What a beautiful Indian Summer. It’s what’s on the inside that counts Who's Cookin’ With Carla? DEBORAH BLACK BOEGE’S PUMPKIN DIP Two 8 Oz Pkgs Cream Cheese, softened One 15 Ounce Can Pumpkin 1 Box Powdered Sugar 1 Tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice Just a Pinch ff Ginger 1 Container of Cool Whip (optional) Beat creamcheese and pumpkin until smooth. Add sugar and pumpkin pie spice; mix thoroughly. Cover and refrigerate for one hour. Serve with gingersnaps, graham crackers, animal crackers, or fruit. It’s what’s on the inside that counts Selkie Books of Rock Hall 6202 Rock Hall Road – Rte 20 Rock Hall, MD 21661 443-496-6135 On Facebook • selkiebooksrh@yahoo.com Hours: Wed. through Sun. Noon-5pm Monday, Tuesday & Evenings By Appointment Only Closed Thanksgiving Week Nov. 21 through Nov. 29 Farmers Wagon - An online farm-to-door market that offers a fast and easy way to have products from local food producers delivered directly to your door; Place or- ders at www.farmerswagon.org. Through Nov. 29th - “Honoring Our Vet- erans Literary and Visual Arts Show” at Kent Island Federation of Arts, 405 Main St., Stevensville; Literary writings, poems, paintings, drawings, mixed media, collage, sculpture, decorative craft, photography; Awards given; Call 410-643-7424; Email info@kifa.us; M ore information is available online at www.kifa.us. Through Nov. 30th - Sultana Education Foundation Fall Programs; Virtual and in person; Virtual classroom, free online re- sources, youth paddles, Lawrence Wet- land Preserve, and more; 200 S. Cross St., Chestertown; Call 410-778-5954; Visit www.sultanaeducation.org fo r more information. Through Nov. 30th - “All Dressed Up” Art Show at The Center for the Arts, 502 94th Street, Ocean City; Mon-Fri 9am-4pm, Sat- Sun 11am-4pm; Call 410-524-9433; Visit www.artleagueofoceancity.org. Through Nov. 30th - Fundraiser selling delicious Joe Corbi’s products to ben- efit Galena Vol. Fire Co., 90 East Cross St., Galena; Easy online ordering at www.joecorbi.com; S hare the fundraiser and get a coupon for up to 50% off your first item ordered online; Delivery week of Dec. 14th. Through Dec. 10th - Rockfish Season; Fish must be minimum 19 in.; One fish per person per day; www.eregulations.com/ maryland/fishing/striped-bass. Through Dec. 14th - Shoe Drive at Galena Vol. Fire Co., 90 East Cross St., Galena; Donate your gently worn, used and new shoes; Drop off boxes at the firehouse, Galena Pharmacy, Galena Town Hall, Rock Hall Firehouse, and other sites throughout town; Call 410-708-0664. Through Dec. 20th - “Small Works” Holiday Gifts Showcase at Kent Island Federation of Arts, 405 Main St., Stevensville; Unique gifts made by local artists for $100 or less; www.kifa.us. MOA: Giggles and birthdays! Through Dec. 31st - Tickets for 2020 Fall Raffle to benefit Chestertown Lions Club charities can be purchased from Lions Club members or at the following loca- tions: Molly’s Place Sat. 9am-12pm, Blue Bird Tavern, Dunkin Donuts on High St., & Dockside Emporium; Tickets 1 for $2 or 3 for $5; One winner of a $1,500 shotgun or $1,500 cash; Drawing Jan. 13, 2021; Call 410-778-5799; www.paypal.me/shotgunraffle. Through Dec. 31st - “Connecting Kuumba Through Community: Black Fiber Artists Showcase” at Fiber Arts Center of the Eastern Shore, 7 N. 4th St., Denton; Call 443-448-4611; info@fiberartscenter.com. Like Us on Facebook