Tidewater Trader

T idewater Trader October 14, 2020 Page 27 AFTER 4 YEARS OF GOVERNMENTAL MALPRACTICE ANDY HARRIS AND REPUBLICANS PLAN MORE OF THE SAME! Paid for by the Democratic Club of Kent County, William J. Herb, Treasurer Vote like your life depended on it! Vote Democratic! Vote for Mia Mason For Congress! Republicans took control of all branches of government in 2016. Since then 210,000 Americans have died due to a poorly managed pandemic, 7 million Americans have contracted the disease, and 32 million Americans are on some form of unemployment. Foreign actors, principally Russia, have been given free rein to interfere with our elections. Racial injustice is widespread and being ignored. Climate change has accelerated; wildfires have incinerated a record number of acres months before the end of the fire season. Environmental and health-protection laws are being gutted. Access to affordable health care is more threatened now than ever. The immigration system is in disarray. Special interests continue to work to de-legitimize the outcome of the upcoming election, to disenfranchise voters, to slant the census, and to dilute elected representatives’ powers. Constitutional norms are eroded, and Republican legislators and officials treat lying as a virtue. With a Federal budget deficit projected at $3.3 trillion, and the economy at a standstill, the Republican Senate has proposed a miniscule $300 billion additional coronavirus stimulus. Criminality is endemic at the highest levels of the U.S. government, and our government has become a laughingstock around the world. • Protecting Americans and Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic • Building a Stronger, Fairer Economy • Achieving Universal, Affordable, Quality Health Care • Protecting Communities and Building Trust by Reforming our Criminal Justice System • Healing the Soul of America • Combating the Climate Crisis and Pursuing Environmental Justice • Restoring and Strengthening Our Democracy • Creating a 21st Century Immigration System • Providing a World-Class Education in every Zip Code • Renewing American Leadership Democratic Party Platform Andy Harris and his colleagues believe their 2016 platform is working great and they cannot be bothered to craft a new one. Republican Party Platform Which party’s Congress has a plan to govern?