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T idewater Trader August 12, 2020 Page 24 WILD TURKEY, WINTER SEASON January 21-23 * , Statewide (1 per fall and winter season combined, either sex) WILD TURKEY, SPRING SEASON Junior Hunt April 17/18 * , 2021 Apr 19-May 24 (daily bag limit 1 bearded turkey; possession limit of 2 bearded turkeys per season) * Visit http://dnr.maryland.gov/huntersguide/Documents/ Hunting_Seasons_Calendar.pdf for Sunday hunting details SEPTEMBER TEAL SEASON September 16-30 • (daily bag limit 6 Teal (blue-winged and green-winged teal), possession limit 18) LIGHT GOOSE (Greater and Lesser Snow Geese and Ross’s geese) October 1-November 27 • December 14-January 30, Feb. 6 (daily bag limit 25, no possession limit) DEER Region B: Includes Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Kent, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, St. Mary’s, Somerset, Talbot, the eastern portion of Washington County, Zone 1), Wicomico and Worcester Counties. TOTAL Antlered Bag Limit is 2 total for all seasons combined, no more than 1 in any weapon season, and a third antlered white-tailed deer may be taken only in Region B as a bonus antlered deer. TOTAL Antlerless Bag Limit is 15 for Archery season, 10 for Muzzleloader season and 10 for Firearms season. ARCHERY September 11-October 21 • October 25* • October 26*-November 27 December 14-18 • January 3* • January 4-7 • January 11-30* February 1-3 Primitive Deer Hunt Days ‡ MUZZLELOADER October 22-24 (antlered) October 17-26 (antlerless) December 19-January 2 February 1-3 Primitive Deer Hunt Days ‡ JUNIOR DEER HUNT DAYS - Saturday & Sunday, November 14/15 † 3 White-tailed Deer - no more than 1 may be antlered; Deer taken by junior hunters during the Junior Hunt Days do not count towards the regular Archery, Muzzleloader, or Firearm season bag limits † Sunday Junior Deer Hunt Day is open on November 15, 2020 on private lands only in Allegany, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Garrett, Harford, Kent, Montgomery, Queen Anne’s, St. Mary’s, Somerset, Talbot, Washington (Regions A & B), Wicomico and Worcester Counties. SHOTGUN November 28-December 12 • January 8-10 * Visit http://dnr.maryland.gov/huntersguide/Documents/Hunting_Seasons_Calendar.pdf fo r Sunday hunting details ‡ Hunters may only use long bows, recurve bows, or flintlock and sidelock percussion muzzleloaders during these days YOUTH WATERFOWL HUNTING DAY Saturdays, Nov. 7 AND Feb. 6 *** *** For 1 AP Canada Goose, 2 Brant, 25 Light Geese, 6 Ducks, and 15 Coots ATLANTIC POPULATION CANADA GOOSE (MIGRANT) December 18-January 2 • January 13-30 (daily bag limit 1 bird, possession limit 3 birds) LIGHT GOOSE CONSERVATION ORDER SEASON November 30-December 12 • February 1-5 • February 8-April 15 (no daily bag limit or possession limit) BRANT SEASON November 18-27 • December 28-January 30 (daily bag limit 2 per day, possession limit 6) REGULAR DUCK SEASON (Except Black Duck) INCLUDING COOTS October 10-17 • November 14-27 • December 15-January 30 - See Duck Daily Bag Limit BLACK DUCK SEASON November 14-27 • December 15-January 30 ( daily bag limit 2 black ducks) SEA DUCK SEASON (In the Special Sea Duck Zone - Black Scoters, Common and King Eiders, Long-Tailed Ducks, Surf Scoters and White-winged Scoters) October 31-January 8 (daily limit 5 birds - no more than 4 eiders, 4 long-tailed ducks or 4 scoters) Official shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset for the following, unless otherwise noted. Possession limit is twice the daily bag limit, unless otherwise noted. All dates are inclusive. Official shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset for all waterfowl hunting, unless otherwise noted. Possession limit is twice the daily bag limit except for snow geese. All dates are inclusive. 2020-2021 Hunting Seasons MOURNING DOVES September 1-October 17 * (*shooting hours 12noon-sunset) October 24-Nov. 27 • December 19-January 9 (daily bag limit 15 birds, possesion limit 45 birds) SPECIAL EARLY RESIDENT CANADA GOOSE - EASTERN ZONE ** September 1-15 (daily bag limit 8 per day) (**shooting hours (1/2) hour before sunrise to (1/2) hour after sunset) SQUIRREL - RED OR PINEY September 5-February 27 (no limit) PHEASANT November 7-February 28 (daily limit 2) MUSKRAT & MINK (trapping only) December 15-March 15 (no limit) FOX (Red and Gray) Firearms, Archery, Airgun and Trapping Nov. 14-Feb. 15 (no limit) EASTERN COTTONTAIL RABBIT November 7-February 27 (daily limit 4) QUAIL Nov 7-February 15 (daily limit 6) COYOTE Firearms, Archery and Airgun Year-Round in all counties Day and Night, No limit Trapping November 14-February 15 (no limit) SQUIRREL - GRAY & EASTERN FOX September 5-February 2 7 (daily bag limit 6) 2020 TIDE TABLES For Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore Week of Aug. 12 - Aug. 18, 2020 WARNING: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc. does not warrant, for any use or purpose, the accuracy nor completeness of these charts. User hereby agrees to hold harmless The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Tide High and Low, Inc., their officers, directors, employees and agents, from any and all liability for any damages whatsoever, and regardless of cause, to person or property, including third persons, arising from the use of this service. The prudent mariner will never rely on any single aid for navigation. © 2001-2020 Maryland DNR and Tide High and Low, Inc. (www.saltwatertides.com) Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 15 Aug. 16 Aug. 17 Aug. 18 CHESTERTOWN Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:36am High 2:48am 3:39am 4:29am 5:19am 6:08am 6:56am 7:43am Low 9:34am 10:43am 11:41am 12:30pm 1:13pm 1:53pm 2:30pm High 2:20pm 3:17pm 4:20pm 5:21pm 6:19pm 7:12pm 8:02pm Low 8:02pm 8:49pm 9:42pm 10:39pm 11:38pm SWAN CREEK Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low High 1:47am 2:38am 3:28am 4:18am 5:07am 5:55am 6:42am Low 8:54am 10:03am 11:01am 11:50am 12:33pm 1:13pm 1:50pm High 1:19pm 2:16pm 3:19pm 4:20pm 5:18pm 6:11pm 7:01pm Low 7:22pm 8:09pm 9:02pm 9:59pm 10:58pm 11:56pm KENT NARROWS Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low High 12:15am 1:06am 1:56am 2:46am 3:35am 4:23am 5:10am Low 7:35am 8:44am 9:42am 10:31am 11:14am 11:54am 12:31pm High 11:47am 12:44pm 1:47pm 2:48pm 3:46pm 4:39pm 5:29pm Low 6:03pm 6:50pm 7:43pm 8:40pm 9:39pm 10:37pm 11:34pm CORSICA RIVER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:14am High 2:05am 2:56am 3:46am 4:36am 5:25am 6:13am 7:00am Low 9:12am 10:21am 11:19am 12:08pm 12:51pm 1:31pm 2:08pm High 1:37pm 2:34pm 3:37pm 4:38pm 5:36pm 6:29pm 7:19pm Low 7:40pm 8:27pm 9:20pm 10:17pm 11:16pm TOLCHESTER Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:11am High 2:03am 2:54am 3:44am 4:34am 5:23am 6:11am 6:58am Low 9:09am 10:18am 11:16am 12:05pm 12:48pm 1:28pm 2:05pm High 1:35pm 2:32pm 3:35pm 4:36pm 5:34pm 6:27pm 7:17pm Low 7:37pm 8:24pm 9:17pm 10:14pm 11:13pm BETTERTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:18am 1:17am 2:15am High 4:20am 5:11am 6:01am 6:51am 7:40am 8:28am 9:15am Low 11:13am 12:22pm 1:20pm 2:09pm 2:52pm 3:32pm 4:09pm High 3:52pm 4:49pm 5:52pm 6:53pm 7:51pm 8:44pm 9:34pm Low 9:41pm 10:28pm 11:21pm CRUMPTON Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Low 12:06am 1:04am High 2:55am 3:46am 4:36am 5:26am 6:15am 7:03am 7:50am Low 10:02am 11:11am 2:09pm 12:58pm 1:41pm 2:21pm 2:58pm High 2:27pm 3:24pm 4:27pm 5:28pm 6:26pm 7:19pm 8:09pm Low 8:30pm 9:17pm 10:10pm 11:07pm himmel firearms 410-708-1870 www.himmelfirearms.com • h immelfirearms@gmail.com Old World Style Gun Store Specializing in Estate and Lightly Used Guns 2017 Dudley Corners Road, Crumpton MD 21628 (inside Dixons Crumpton Auction) Gunsmith Available On Site We buy Single Guns, Estates, and Collections or Consign with us to get the Maximum Return Wednesday 8:30am to 5pm, Friday 12noon to 6pm & 6pm to 8pm by appointment, and Saturday 10am to 4pm. “Tidewater Trader is great! 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