Tidewater Trader

T idewater Trader July 29, 2020 Page 8 ANSWERSWILL APPEAR NEXT TO “TRADER’S CROSSWORD” INNEXTWEEK’S ISSUE. TRADER’S CROSSWORD TRADER’S CROSSWORD ANSWERS ABOUT THE COVER Dogdays of summer! ©2020 Submitted photo byCarla F. Johnson CHESAPEAKE WINDOW CLEANING - Residential window cleaning, inside and out by hand; Serving Maryland and East- ern Shore for 30 years; Family owned and operated; Working owners assures qual- ity; Licensed, bonded and insured; Call 410-280-2284. T-N-T ENTERPRISES - Lawn Mower and Small Motor service and repair; Firewood $200/cord, all hardwood; License #10556; Call Tom 410-348-5093. MARVIN’S PROPERTY MAINTENANCE - Seasonal cleanup, yard and storm damage cleanup, backhoe service, lot cleaning, trim- ming around fields; Bushhogging; Firewood for sale $160/cord; Call 443-988-3742. 32 YEARS FIXING low backs. Wow. Seems almost beyond believing. I have worked on over 10,000 individuals. I haven’t had my hands on every kind of spine that God has made, but I have seen a fair share. Chanc- es are good, I have fixed one just…like… yours. We fix backs and necks by hand. It’s what we do. No knives, No needles, No drugs, No fear. Call Schreppler Chiroprac- tic 410-778-4696. Medicare, Medicaid, auto, worker’s comp. and almost all health insurances pay chiropractic care. Call now and talk to the doctor to learn how we can help you! We will outline cost of treatment on the phone. Rt. 213 and Chester River Bridge, Chestertown, MD. Now in my 32nd year of providing safe, conservative care. GAS FIREPLACE SERVICE - Servicing gas fireplaces and logs; Vented and vent-free; Serving Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties; Call Mike 410-708-4342, leave message. CHESAPEAKE POWER WASHING - Serving Maryland and Eastern Shore for 30 years; Family owned and operated; Low pressure, no damage power washing ser- vices using a soft brush to remove deeply embedded dirt on concrete, brick, wood and siding; Licensed, bonded and insured; Call 410-280-2284. BILL & TED’S HANDYMAN & Powerwash- ing - We do it all; 35 years experience; Free estimate; Insured; Call Bill 410-708-4073 cell or Ted 520-307-0295. PEABODY: Hope you had fun!