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T idewater Trader July 29, 2020 Page 38 Haven Ministries Relocates Food Pantries and Centreville Resource Center With increased demands for its food pantries and overall servic- es, Haven Ministries is relocating its food pantries from Stevensville andCentreville, alongwith its Cen- treville Resource Center, to a new Food Pantry/Resource Center at 206 Del Rhodes Avenue in Queen- stown as of July 13 th . In May, the agency provided food items to 113 new people and distributed 25,765 pounds of food from its food pan- tries representing a 10,000-pound increase in food. By streamlining its services, Haven Ministries is creating a more centralized loca- tion to provide services, improv- ing efficiencies for its clients, staff, and volunteers. “Our new location will be open daily for clients and will offer a store-style model for food selec- tion. We are asking people to first call our Resource Center at 410- 827-7194, however, to register with us,” says Krista Pettit, Executive Director of Haven Ministries. Food will be set up in this new permanent location and restocked easily by volunteers. Instead of re- ceiving a set box of food items, cus- tomers will be able to select their own food items twice a month, therefore, eliminating food waste. “The other benefit to our new loca- tion is the ability to move our Cen- treville Resource Center to this site so that we can connect people to much-needed resources in one lo- cation. This will be an added ef- ficiency and will hopefully reach more people in need,” she adds. Haven Ministries has operated food pantries in two locations in Queen Anne’s County once a month. The first food pantry has operated at Safe Harbor Presbyte- rian Church in Stevensville since 2013. The second food pantry has operated at Centreville United Methodist Church in Centreville since 2018. The consolidation of services is also enabling Haven Ministries to address the increased need for food in the Sudlersville area. On July 9 th , the organization hosted a pop-up food pantry at the old Middle School in Sudlersville. Pet- tit adds, “We hope to create a more permanent food pantry in Sudlers- ville in the future.” Haven Ministries plans to open its new Queenstown location on July 13 th . The Center, including the food pantry and resource center, will be open daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm and one day a week from 7am to 7pm. Clients are encour- aged to register first by calling 410- 827-7194. The Resource Center at the Fisher Manor Housing Devel- opment in Grasonville is open on the second Saturday of each month from 9am to noon. For further in- formation, please visit the web- page www.haven-ministries.org. Haven Ministries’ new location at 206 Del Rhodes Avenue in Queenstown will house its two county food pantries and Resource Center. GOOD NEWS PAGE Newsworthy Notes From You The Readers Building Trust with Neighbors in Kent County When Rebuilding Together Kent County’s Executive Director, Wayne Rickert, joined the organi- zation inApril of 2019, he had a vi- sion that seemed out-of-proportion to its historical budget. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to make reality conform to his dream and it is benefiting neighbors here in Kent County. Although Rebuild- ing Together Kent County had ap- plied for and received funds from the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust (MAHT) in previous years, the amount had not exceeded $10,000 per year. Last summer, the organization applied for the maxi- mum grant, $75,000… and got it! Since receiving the official paper- work from MAHT last December, Wayne and his team have worked diligently to identify home repair and modification projects that match the terms set out in the grant application. In addition to augmenting the USDA roof initia- tive as reported last month, these funds have been used to replace six additional roofs, install new gutters and downspouts on two homes, and repair extensive dam- age for a woman whose pipes burst two years ago. In all, 15 area homeowners and their families are safer at home. Miss Mildred is a perfect example of exactly why this organization exists. Nearly 80 years old and liv- ing alone, she worked hard her whole life, both at the Campbell’s Soup poultry processing plant and as a mother to her son Marty. She now relies on her limited social se- curity benefit and small pension to pay bills each month. Although she was able to have the broken pipes repaired, Miss Mildred had no financial cushion to address the costly water damage which cre- ated a gaping hole in her kitchen floor and rendered a bathroom un- usable. With funds from MAHT, Rebuilding Together Kent County was able to hire local contractor, Doug Marker of Jack of All Trades, to replace floors and cabinets, as well as install appliances do- nated from Heron Point of Ches- tertown. While he was there, he also rebuilt her aging front porch, ensuring she can get in and out of her home safely. The organization also contracted M.L. Hood Trucking of Centreville Shown on the front porch that Rebuilding To- gether of Kent County recently improved for safety is Miss Mildred and her son Marty. Cadwalader of Kent Questers Celebrates 40 th Anniversary to grade and gravel a new drive- way. Now vehicles can drive right up to the house, saving precious minutes should a medical emer- gency arise in the future. The team at Rebuilding Together Kent Coun- ty hopes these efforts will allow Miss Mildred to enjoy her well-de- served retirement, relieving stress and reducing the risk of injury. Grateful that area neighbors trust them in their homes, Rebuilding Together Kent County is currently identifying the next round of home repair projects from applications received by last week’s deadline. To become involved with Rebuild- ing Together Kent County, visit www.rebuildingtogetherkcmd.org or call 410-708-9936. Call Or Email George Today! 410-778-1262 george@tidewatertrader.com HUNT ISSUE THE 36TH ANNUAL TIDEWATER TRADER president), Jean Smith and Millie Strong. Special congratulations to Millie Strong who celebrated her 100 th birthday on July 3, 2020! The chapter thanks these women for their 40 years of service pro- moting interest in the study of antiques, art and historical back- grounds with the goals of educa- tion, restoration and preservation. The Quester motto, “It’s fun to search and a joy to find” rallied women to start a chapter on the Eastern Shore that was chartered on May 17, 1980 by the Quester National Organization. The Cadwalader of Kent Questers wishes to recognize three original charter members: Sharon Deb- nam (past chapter and national Pictured (left to right): Sharon Debnam, Jean Smith and Millie Strong.