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T idewater Trader June 24, 2020 Page 29 Deck Dining indoor dining BAR AND TAKEOUT 98 Cannon on the Eastern Shore Chestertown’s Only Waterfront Restaurant RESERVE SEATING REQUIRED Please Call 443-282-0055 or Online at www.98cannon.com Health precautions continue to be in place Serving Lunch & Dinner 7 Days a Week Words For Review by Lanny Parks Perhaps you are like I am these days - wondering where normal has gone, not only in our personal lives but in our cor- porate ones as well. We can not travel or visit or worship or gather as we used to and our days are spent mostly in our own homes and yards where the rest of the world seems to exist only on our screens. However, some of the images we have been seeing on those screens are not any more comfortable than our daily isolation has been. Fortunately, we have been able to raise our voices, even from our most separate spac- es, to demand some changes in our com- munities, our states, and our nation that have been way too long in coming to frui- tion. Unless a person has been living un- der a rock, there is no one who can claim not to understand what our issues are and realize that the ‘new normal’, whenever it comes, should look nothing like the old one. There is an old hymn that speaks to this new time: “Once to every man and na- tion comes the moment to decide...” Now is that time. The issues are basic to life: education, employment, housing, healthcare, envi- ronment, and justice. These are all-en- compassing. They matter to everyone. And still they are addressed in inequitable ways. Our current political climate is too fractured to address any of these issues in a comprehensive, corrective manner. Civil discourse is discouraged by name-calling and blame-slamming (if there is such a thing). We can see what ought to happen, but we cannot seem to make it happen while we sit outside the proverbial halls of power. Have you given any thought to the chang- es you would like to see? Have you com- municated those changes to anyone who might be able to influence them into be- ing? Have you shared them with others like yourself to form a coalition of advocates for specific changes? Could you join in a discussion with others without demanding that your way is the only way? Would you not only speak, but listen? We live in a very small community, relative- ly speaking, and yet we do not know each other. Our circle of friends and acquain- tances is a small fraction of the whole, and we have done little to widen that circle; but, now is the time. If not now, when? Years ago the town sponsored a charette to discuss possible ways to address a lo- cal issue. Some gatherings have already been held recently as well. There need to be more. We need space and time to meet each other on neutral ground and discuss the changes we need to make in order to create a better town, a better county for each of us - and when we can agree on those changes and act on them, we can share them with the larger community of which we are a part: our region, our state, our nation. If not us, who? Leslie Dwight has written a poem that is making the rounds on social media. May- be you have seen it. If not, I post it here in the hope that even during a medical pandemic about which we can do little but keep our distance and wear our masks, we can also begin to address the social is- sues that have made us sick for too long. “What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for? A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw — that it finally forces us to grow, “A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber. “A year we finally accept the need for change. Declare change. Work for change. Become the change. “A year we finally band together, instead of pushing each other further apart. “2020 isn’t cancelled, but rather the most important year of them all.” Lisa McDonald, CRNP Certifying Practitioner Primary Clinician/Member 443-666-0711 12502 Augustine Herman Hwy, Unit 1 Kennedyville, MD Eastern Shore MediCann Clinic, LLC Your Certifying Practitioner for Medical Marijuana easternshoremedicann.com easternshoremedicann@gmail.com Are You Ready for Sunday? You’re Invited to Join Us! EVERY SUNDAY, PLEASE JOIN US! Bring a lawn or a bag chair 115 South Main Street, Galena, MD 21635 (Olivet UMC Church Site) The GATHERING Contemporary Christian Service starts at 8:30 am “Reach up, reach in, reach out!” POSTPONED - Every Tues 4pm - Women’s group at Recovery In Motion, 300 Scheeler Rd., Chestertown; Call 410-778-5894. POSTPONED - Every Tues 1pm-3pm - Mid-Day Matinee at Recovery In Mo- tion, 300 Scheeler Rd., Chestertown; Call 410-778-5894. 1st Tues Monthly 7pm-8:30pm - NAMI Kent & Queen Anne’s Family Support Group in Centreville; For family members who have a loved one with mental ill- ness; Call National Alliance on Mental Ill- ness KQA, 443-480-0565; Details online at namikentandqueenannes@gmail.com. 3rd Tues Monthly 7pm-8:30pm - NAMI Kent & Queen Anne’s Family Support Group in Chestertown; Call National Alliance on Mental Illness KQA, 443-480-0565; Visit namikentandqueenannes@gmail.com. 3rd Tues Monthly - La Leche League Breast Feeding Support Meeting; Moth- ers with babies, pregnant moms & sib- lings welcome; Call 410-490-1553; www.lllofmd-de-dc.org. POSTPONED - Every Wed 4pm - Men’s group at Recovery In Motion, 300 Scheeler Rd., Chestertown; Call 410-778-5894. Every Wed 1pm - “Women’s Circle” Sup- port group for expecting mothers or moth- ers with children ages 3 & under at Kent Family Center, 115B S. Lynchburg St., Chestertown; Call 410-810-3790. Every Wed 6pm-8pm - Empowerment group for Dads at Kent Family Center, 115B S. Lynchburg St., Chestertown; Call 410-810-3790. POSTPONED - Every Wed 6:30pm - Char- acter Cognition at Recovery In Motion, 300 Scheeler Rd., Chestertown; 410-778-5894. Every Wed 5:30pm-7pm - Women’s Latina Support Group at Sudlersville Elementary School, 300 S. Church St., Sudlersville; Free; Led by Ivy Garcia; Call 410-822-1018 ext. 207 or text 443-786-4947. 3rd Wed Monthly 10am - Chester River Ad- vocates for the Blind at Heron Point, 501 E. Campus Ave., Chestertown; For the visu- ally impaired and those with sight; All are welcome; ejvano1@comcast.net. 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