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T idewater Trader May 20, 2020 Page 28 Check with the Organization BEFORE attempting to attend any event, gathering or occasion. Safety First! Send Birthday and Anniversary Wishes to your loved ones — even your pets! — in Tidewater Trader! Prices start at $20. Call George today! 410-778-1262 ext. 2002 or email george@tidewatertrader.com We love you Bodkin! Andso theadventurebegins… Follow your dreams! Kent County High School Class of 2020 Congratulations Logan Pinder! Happy 50 th Kathy and Jim! Lookin’ Great at 78! Happy Birthday Jack! DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS NON-PROFIT RATE* WEEKLY RATE Full Back Page .... 9.75" wide x 12.5" tall.......$315.00/week*............ $420.00/week Full Page. ............... 9.75" wide x 12.5" tall.......$236.25/week*............ $315.00/week Fold ..............................6" wide x 9.75" tall ......$157.50/week*............ $210.00/week Half Page ............... 9.75" wide x 6" tall.......$123.75/week*............ $165.00/week Quarter Page ........ 4.75" wide x 6" tall.........$82.50/week*............ $110.00/week Eighth Page ......... 4.75" wide x 3" tall.........$45.00/week*.............. $60.00/week Modified Sixteenth .4.75" wide x 2" tall.........$37.50/week*.............. $50.00/week Sixteenth Page ..... 2.25" wide x 3" tall.........$30.00/week*.............. $40.00/week Business Card ........ 3.5" wide x 1.5" tall.........$16.50/week*.............. $22.00/week *Non-profit rate is available to registered non-profit organizations Have a Circular or Flyer to Distribute? Ask George about Circular Insertion Rates - As Low As $30 Additional Fees for Color: $75 for Half Page, $100 for Full Page, Color Fee Not Discounted 2020 Weekly Advertising Rates Call George Today! 410-778-1262 x2002 or email george@tidewatertrader.com 813 High Street, P.O. Box 412, Chestertown, MD 21620 • 410-778-1262 or 410-758-0039 Fax 410-778-0381 • www.tidewatertrader.com Pumped! Fresh air is great! Open the windows. Did You Know? There are snakheads in the Choptank and Nanticoke Rivers. Your Life, Your Loves, Your Dreams and Desires by World-Renowned Astrologer Sally Brompton • Love • Survival • Relationships • Health • Money • Career • Pets • Your Future • Lifelines • Lunar Gardening Discover more about yourself at www.sallybrompton.com Words For Review by Lanny Parks Music, like poetry, speaks to me most clearly in times of stress or sorrow. The dictionary tries hard to explain the nuts and bolts of what music is, but it misses the heart of it. It fails to explain the sympathetic resonance within the listener, the vibration that occurs when the ear’s intake is matched by the soul’s response. This reaction is not limited to one particular style of music. It can occur regardless of instrumentation or lack thereof, vocal ranges or harmonizations, and even without human input at all. Trees make music, wind in the tall grass make music, insects and birds make music, and all of it can speak to us. Many years ago I attended a musical as part of my subscription to the theater. The play was not particularly well-reviewed, and I was not anticipating much as a result; however, there was a voice in the cast to which I responded - not in my ear or in my head, but in some place deep within me that rang so loudly I could not believe my seat mates couldn’t hear it. There are songs that ‘move’ me, but that was the first time that a voice itself did that. One of the most remarkable things about this isolated stay-at-home time is the overwhelming choice of music that is being produced by musicians who are playing and/or singing in their own spaces and yet together as one. Whether there are two or two hundred, the music they share is a remarkable gift of modern technology that makes possible a blending of individual sounds into musical harmony. (Which begs the question - Why can’t we live together like this? - a topic for another day.) I am also finding that, as I work in the house or yard, some little thing I am doing or seeing seems to dredge up a partial lyric or melodic phrase that I have not thought of for decades, and I find myself concentrating to bring the whole of it back to the forefront of my memory. It happens with enough regularity that I wonder if other people are experiencing the same thing. This is not an earworm. If anything, it is the complete opposite - a little bit that demands remembrance of the whole. It may be music; it may be a line or phrase of poetry - but the insistence for identification is the same. Listening to Phil Dutton on GCTV last night, I heard him talk about a musician who “only played the notes that need to be played”. That is such an interesting phrase, because Samuel Taylor Coleridge defined poetry as “the best words in the best order” and I believe that some other poet (Robert Frost?) changed it to “the fewest best words in the best order” or something like that. If not, I will claim that change for myself. Recently, I was picking up my weekly groceries and someone made the remark that they had read one of my columns and concluded that I had a lot of inner resources. That has stayed with me, because in the main, I believe that to be true. When I got home I thought I might look back over some recent columns to see where she might have gotten that idea, but I decided that I didwn’t need to. If what I write reflects that ‘truth’ to a reader, I am content. “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.” (Psalm 16:6) I love this psalm, and this verse in particular because I believe it to be true of my life. My heritage is rich with family, friends, music, poetry, books, kit- tens, handwork to challenge me and an appreciation for the world around me. I seek quiet ways to make it better for every- one - “a continuous, unified, and evocative composition” (music) and life itself. Comm. Events Kent Center seeks quality donations for Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop, Kent Plaza, Chestertown; Tax credit given; Clothes, household items, etc. should be in resale condition; No toys; Benefits Kent Center; For more information and details about donating call 410-778-1219. Get Your Free Copy of the QAC Calendar of Events & Visitors Guide; 1-888-400-7787. If you have a child up to age 19 or are preg- nant you may eligible for health insurance through MD’s Children’s Health Program; Kent Co. Health Dept., 125 S. Lynchburg St., Chestertown; Call 410-778-7039; www.kenthd.org. Kent Co. Chamber of Commerce - 122 N. Cross St., Chestertown; Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm; Maps, brochures and info about the county and towns; Call 410-810-2968; www.kentchamber.org. Available for hire? Place an ad in Tidewater Trader! classifieds@tidewatertrader.com Check with Organizations for future scheduling of these postponed events