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T idewater Trader March 25, 2020 Page 38 GOODNEWS PAGE Newsworthy Notes From You The Readers Tidewater Trader - locally owned and operated UMShoreMedicalCenter at EastonNamed a 2020 Top Rural and Community Hospital University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton has been named a 2020 Top Rural and Community Hospital by the National Rural Health Association (NRHA). Top 20 Rural Community Health winners were selected based on their high performance scores in the Hospital Strength Index compiled by iVantageHealth Analytics. iVantage’s Hospital Strength index utilizes publicly available datasets to quantify overall hospital perfor- mance in eight pillars: Inpatient Market Share, Outpatient Market Share, Quality, Outcomes, Patient Perspective, Cost, Charge, and Fi- nancial Stability. “Of the 6,000-plus hospitals in the United States, more than 1800 are classified as rural,” said Ken Kozel, UM SRH president and CEO. “Shore Medical Center at Easton’s selection as a Top 20 Rural and Community Hospital is an out- standing achievement and a testa- ment to the strength of our team.” The NRHA will present award certificates to the Top 20 RCH winners, along with the 2020 Rural Health Award individual and organizational winners at the organization’s Rural Hospital Innovation Summit in San Diego, California, in May 2020. For more information, please visit www.RuralHealthWeb.org. United Way of Caroline County Makes Donation to Compass Regional Hospice In late 2019, Compass Regional Hospice revealed a plan for ex- panded services in Caroline Coun- ty. The United Way of Caroline County announced a gift of $6,000 towards the construction of a new facility in Denton. The United Way of Caroline County supports agencies in the community that provides human service needs to the county. Since 1982, the United Way of Caroline County has distributed approxi- mately $1,750,000 in gifts from local businesses and individuals. “Compass Hospice provides such an important service to our com- munity and does so with care and compassion. We are pleased to be able to use funds provided by our generous donors to support their vision for a new facility that will serve our residents for decades to come,” said Sara Visintainer, UWCC Vice President. “We are in the process of building a hospice facility in Caroline Coun- ty. The new facility will house six residential beds, as well as host space for grief counseling and oth- er specialty services. We are com- mitted to providing equal services to the residents in the three coun- ties we serve, and believe Caroline County residents have the right to seek our care in the comfort of their own community,” said Chief Executive Officer, Heather Gueri- eri. Compass has been serving the residents of Caroline County since 2014, and has since provided hos- pice and supportive care to over 800 patients, and grief support to nearly 600 more residents. The new facility will be housed on land donated by the County. The property is currently county- owned, and located adjacent to the Caroline County Health and Hu- man Services Building in the town of Denton. When announcing the donation, the Commissioners not- ed the need for a brick and mor- tar facility in the County, and their commitment and determination on moving this project forward. The Caroline Hospice Foundation has also agreed to help make this facility a reality and will be donat- ing proceeds of the Caroline House sale and bequests for this project. The United Way of Caroline County pres- ents Compass Regional Hospice with a check of support towards the construction of a new facility in Denton. From left to right: Sara Visintainer, UWCC Vice President; Holly Trice, CRH Director of Clinical Services; Ken Pryer, UWCC Board Member; Saman- tha Parker, UWCC Board Member; Heather Guerieri, CRH Chief Executive Officer. University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton has been mamed a 2020 Top Rural and Community Hospital. Shoge to Lead Kent County Chamber of Commerce The Kent County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has selected Sam Shoge, former Ches- tertown town councilman, to serve as the next executive director. “We are excited to introduce Sam as the new Executive Director of the Kent County Chamber of Com- merce,” said Bryan Matthews, President of the Kent County Chamber. “Sam is the ideal person to help the Chamber grow and be- come an even bigger factor in the success of Kent County business- es. His experience in both Kent and Talbot Counties has prepared him to take on this challenging role and to be a dynamic leader for the organization.” Currently, Shoge serves as eco- nomic development coordinator for the Talbot County Department of Economic Development and Tourism, a position he has held since the fall of 2016. He will as- sume his role as executive director on April 1 st . As economic development coordi- nator, Shoge managed the county’s business attraction and retention efforts, helped draft a 5-year eco- nomic development strategic plan, and managed the launch of a new brand for the department. He led the development of a new website and marketing materials and con- tributed towards the leasing of a 224,000 square foot former manu- facturing facility now owned by the County. In addition to passionately under- taking the duty of assisting small business start-ups and businesses with their expansion efforts, Shoge played an instrumental role in administrating and promoting several business incentives and financing programs. Shoge advo- cated for the designation of two Enterprise Zones in Talbot County – Easton and Tilghman Island – an Arts and Entertainment District, and Maryland Commercial PACE. “Working for Talbot County Economic Development and Tourism had me interfacing with the business community on a daily basis,” says Sam Shoge. “I’m excited to take what I’ve learned from working closely with business leaders from a wide range of industries and applying it to the Kent County Chamber of Commerce. My goal is to enhance the way the Chamber engages its members and the community as a whole.” Prior to joining the Talbot Eco- nomic Development and Tour- ism team, Sam was an assistant director of admissions at Wash- ington College in Chestertown. This position had Sam traveling throughout the Greater Wash- ington, D.C. Metropolitan Area and the Southeast to recruit graduating high school students. In addition, Sam served as gov- ernment relations coordinator for Potomac and Chesapeake As- sociation for College Admission Counseling and actively led leg- islative advocacy efforts on behalf of the association. While working at Washington College, Sam was elected to a 4-year term on the Chestertown Town Council where he represented Chestertown’s largest and most diverse ward. Shoge is a graduate of Elon Uni- versity and holds a B.A. in en- vironmental studies. He is from Kent County and resides in Ches- tertown with his wife. For more information, contact the Kent County Chamber of Com- merce at 410-810-2968. Former Chestertown town councilman Sam Shoge was selected as the new Executive Direc- tor of the Kent County Chamber of Commerce.