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T idewater Trader March 25, 2020 Page 26 Say it with style in Tidewater Trader! Want to send a birthday wish, anniversary wishes, baby announcement, or thank you? Prices start at $16.75 HAPPY 18 TH BIRTHDAY DUSTIN! Words For Review by Lanny Parks Pandemic: Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population . That is the world in which we are living. We have been asked to ‘shelter in place’ to keep ourselves safe and to prevent the spread of this virus to others. This is a reasonable, logical response to a world-wide danger; but it is not easy. We, especially those of us who live ‘in the country’, are used to getting in our cars and going everywhere to see friends and family, to shop, to attend sporting events, religious services, or entertainment centers, and even to visit medical specialists. Not going anywhere is a shock to our systems. Being isolationists goes against our grain, and the novelty of having our family ‘underfoot’ 24/7 has long since lost its luster. Now is the time we also long to do the things we failed to do when there were no restrictions on our movements. We are not ‘doing’ isolation and social distancing well at all. I have decided on a personal level to consider this a time of sacred sabbath. A person need not be a believer or a regular visitor to or member of any religious body to observe sacred sabbath. We know that all things work better when they are rested, when they are unplugged, when they are given a break from their routine. This can be that time. Yes, some have to continue to work from home, some have to continue to attend to schoolwork (and some have to supervise that), and some despair of having to provide three meals a day every day, keep up with the laundry and housecleaning, but both the circumstance and the location have changed. What we do with those changes can be life- enhancing, offering us ‘refreshment’ we dared not admit we need. This can also be a time of enhanced awareness of the needs of others. You probably know someone who does not have access to the instant information provided by the internet, someone who is afraid to venture out because of their age or vulnerability, someone who needs reassurance that they have not been forgotten. You can be the person who answers those needs. A phone call or a card or letter dropped in the mail (because we know that “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”) will let that person know they are remembered. It can make all the difference in the world to them. As I watch businesses and schools, religious houses of worship and social gathering places shutter their doors, I am acutely aware of the people who are losing their source of income and their sense of identity. I am also aware of those whose lives were on the margins during the good times, and whose lives are now in jeopardy. How is it that in the ‘richest nation in the world’ there are so many children (25% of ours alone) who go to bed hungry? How is it that there are so many homeless adults, some employed, some unemployable, on our streets without shelter? How is it that so many struggle to provide housing, food, and medical needs for their families while working for companies that are allowed to take advantage of their labors at the same time that their corporations make obscene profits? This is also a good time to think about these inequities in our system and spend some serious consideration about how we can address these issues, if not nationally, then certainly within our own communities. This is the perfect time to take stock of our own advantages and find ways to share them with our neighbors who are less fortunate. Pandemic can also mean widespread. We can make it a positive thing if we are willing. • Date TBD: Deadline to register to vote or change party affiliation for the primary election. • Thursday, May 21: Early Voting for Primary Election Begins. • Tuesday, May 26: Deadline for a registered voter to request a mailed or faxed absentee ballot. • Thursday, May 28: Early Voting for Primary Election Ends. • Friday, May 29: Deadline for a registered voter to request an electronic absentee ballot. • Tuesday, June 2: Primary Election Day. - Deadline for a registered voter or voter’s agent to request an absentee ballot in person at a local board. - Deadline for the local boards to receive an absentee ballot delivered by hand. • Date TBD: Certification of the Primary Election Results. - Deadline for local boards to receive absentee ballots by mail. • Date TBD: Voter Registration reopens. • July 13-16: Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin • Monday, August 3: Deadline for general election petition candidate to file with SBE or the appropriate local board the Certificate of Candidacy and Candidacy Petition. • August 24-27: Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina • Thursday, Sept. 17: Constitution Day and Citizenship Day - Anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. • Tuesday, Oct. 13: Deadline to register to vote in the General Election. • Thursday, Oct. 15: Deadline for write-in candidates to file a Certificate of Candidacy. Only filed write-in candidates will have their votes reported on the official canvass. • Thursday, Oct. 22: Early Voting for the General Election Begins. • Tuesday, Oct. 27: Deadline for a registered voter to request a mailed or faxed absentee ballot. • Thursday, Oct. 29: Early Voting for General Election Ends. • Friday, Oct. 30: Deadline for a registered voter to request an electronic absentee ballot. • Tuesday, Nov. 3: General Election Day. - Deadline for a registered voter or voter’s agent to request an absentee ballot in person at a local board. - Deadline for the local boards to receive an absentee ballot delivered by hand. • Friday, Nov. 13: Certification of the General Election Results. - Deadline for local boards to receive absentee ballots by mail. • Monday, Nov. 16: Voter registration reopens. • Tuesday, Dec. 8: Statewide Certification of Election Results. • Monday, Dec. 14: Official casting of votes by members of the Electoral College. Maryland Election Information 2020 2020 Election Timeline For More Information About Registration and Voting: Kent County Board of Elections Office 410-778-0038 • www.kentcountyelections.org Queen Anne’s County Board of Elections Office 410-758-0832 • www.qacelections.com Cecil County Board of Elections Office 410-996-5310 • www.ccgov.org/election_bd or Talbot County Board of Elections Office 410-770-8099 www.talbotcountymd.gov/index.php?page=Election_Board HomePorts, a nonprofit membership alli- ance, provides access to a wide range of services designed to offer residents age 55 & above, what they want & need to remain content, safe & confident living in their own home; Volunteers needed; For more infor- mation and complete details, please call 443-480-0940; www.homeports.org. Home Educators of the Eastern Shore - Local support group and cooperative for home schoolers in Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties; For complete details, please visit www.homeschool-life.com/MD/HEES. Gay Men’s Health Support Group to pro- vide gay men with an opportunity to sup- port one another in making healthy lifestyle choices; Education, socialization and sup- port; Sponsored by QAC Dept. of Health; For more information, call 443-262-4457; mary.yancey@maryland.gov. Compass Regional Hospice - Hospice care, grief support, counseling, camp new dawn, workshops, events & more in Kent, Queen Anne’s and Caroline counties; 255 Comet Dr., Centreville; Call 443-262-4100; www.compassregionalhospice.org. Overeaters Anonymous - Seeking others to join me in starting meetings in or near Chestertown; RobinF104@yahoo.com. SOS Support Our Schools - Parents and concerned citizens fighting for the best possible education for their children; To be a part of this initiative or for more informa- tion visit www.kcpssos.com. Comm. Events Kent Center seeks quality donations for Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop, Kent Plaza, Chestertown; Tax credit given; Clothes, household items, etc. should be in resale condition; No toys; Benefits Kent Center; For more information and complete details, please call 410-778-1219. Classified Ads classifieds@tidewatertrader.com Check with the Organization BEFORE attempting to attend any event, gathering or occasion. Safety First! Chestertown COVID-19 Response Page On March 23 rd , Mayor Chris Cerino and the Town Council launched a new Face- book page and Twitter account to help keep the community informed about county and town activities related to the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. Please follow, like, and share this page for information that you and your family can use to help keep our community informed and safe. Chestertown Leadership and staff are committed to providing accurate and time- ly information. If everyone works together during this challenging time, the com- munity will get through this crisis and be stronger for the effort. If you or a neighbor have any immediate concerns or need non-emergency help, please contact: Chestertown Covid-19 Response Twitter: @CTownResponds; Chestertown Town Office at 410-778-0500; Chestertown Police (non-emergency dispatch) at 410-778-1241; County Office at 410-778-4600; County Sheriff at 410-778-2279. For emergencies, please always call 911. JHAB: Reading three good books! PH: Twinkle toes in the tulips! Check with Organizations for future scheduling of these postponed events