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T idewater Trader March 25, 2020 Page 19 stoltzfus roofing Call Today 410-810-1504 6408 Church Hill Road Chestertown, MD 21620 New Roof and Repairs Inspections Residential & Commercial Roofs No Loud Music No Mess Roofers Buggy 10 Years Labor Warranty M issing S hingles ? L eaking R oof ? www.Stol t z fusRoof ingMD. com MHIC: 120913 410-778-2016 410-822-5605 410-758-3170 www.pardoes.us E-mail: info@pardoes.us TREE SERVICES LAWN &TREE SERVICE, INC. Complete, Professional, Courteous Tree Service Since 1964 Maryland Tree Expert - License #064 Septic Systems • Footers Driveways • Fill Dirt • Top Soil Land Clearing • Site Prep • Yards Stone Deliveries • Wildlife Ponds Shoreline Restoration Soil Conservation Work All Types of Excavation Equestrian Arenas Jester Excavation L L C Harry “Bucky” Jester 1706 Dudley Corner Road Millington, Maryland 21651 Phone: 410-708-4371 Fax: 410-928-3723 Licensed & Insured Your Life, Your Loves, Your Dreams and Desires by World-Renowned Astrologer Sally Brompton • Love • Survival • Relationships • Health • Money • Career • Pets • Your Future • Lifelines • Lunar Gardening Discover more about yourself at www.sallybrompton.com Look Us Up on Facebook & Visit Our Website: www.SemperFiFields.com Call/Text: 443-520-6602 E-mail Shannon@SemperFiFields.com QUALITY HORSE CARE Fully Licensed, Veteran-Owned & Family-Oriented Horse Boarding Facility Conveniently Located on Rt. 544 in Chestertown, MD SEMPER FI FIELDS Personalized Services: ∙ Full-Care Boarding ∙ Share-Care Boarding ∙ Field Boarding ∙ Daily/Overnight Boarding ∙ Hourly/Daily Arena Rental Some of our Amenities: ∙ 150'x100' Outdoor Arena ∙ Large Training Ring ∙ 12'x12' Stalls ∙ Personal Tack Lockers ∙ Trailer Parking 443-480-0633 Owner Rob Hutcheson | MHIC: 99165 www.allinsprayfoam.com ALL IN SPRAY FOAM SPRAY FOAM INSULATION CONDITIONED CRAWL SPACES POLE BARNS • RENOVATIONS • ATTICS • MARINE USES Call 410-810-2133 Peggy Clothier, R.N. Now enrolling additional caregivers Helping Hands of Kent County, LLC Helping those in need of companionship and care at home Calvary Chapel - Sun. Service 10:30am, children’s ministries available; Thurs. Bible study 7pm; Call 410-348-5702. Temple B’nai Israel - Educational and Inter- faith opportunities; Rabbi Peter E. Hyman; 7199 Tristan Dr., Easton; 410-822-0553; www.bnaiisraeleaston.org. New Christian Chapel of Love UM Church - Sun. Service 10:30am; 26826 Bigwoods Rd., Worton; Pastor Bernadette Wright; Call 410-348-2272. Divine Church of Deliverance - Sun. 11:30am Worship; Wed. 7:30pm Bible Study; Fri. 8pm Evangelistic Service; Pas- tor Morrise M. Moore; Musicians needed; Dogwood Plaza, 119F N. Main St., Galena; Call 443-629-5517; www.ecodinc.org. Evangelistic Church of Deliverance - Bi- ble Study Wed. 7:30pm & Sun. 11:30am; Come experience love, hope & faith; Pastor Sheryl R. Hynson; 903 Washington Ave., Chestertown. St. Paul’s Parish, Kent - Holy Eucharist Sun. 8am & 10:30am; Weekdays Prayer 8:30am & Evensong 4:30pm; Wed. Holy Eucharist with prayers for healing 9am, Bible study 10am; 7579 Sandy Bottom Rd., off Rt. 20, Chestertown; Rev. Fr. Frank St. Amour; Call 410-778-1540; www.stpaulkent.org. Eastern Shore Baptist Church - Bible Study 10am; Sun. Service 11am & 6pm; Wed. Service 7pm; Nursery provided; 119 Sta- tion Lane, Grasonville; Call 410-490-4950; www.easternshorebaptistchurch.org. Chestertown Church of Nazarene - Sun School 9:30am; Sun coffee & chat 10:30am; Sun worship 11am; Rt. 213, Kingstown; 6943 Church Hill Rd., Chestertown; Call 410-778-6146. Haven Ministries - Homeless Shelter at Kent Island UM Church, Stevensville; As- sistance with food, housing, employment and more; Seasonal shelter, resource center, food pantry and thrift store; Call 410-739-4363; www.haven-ministries.org. Trinity Lutheran Church - 10am Sun ser- vice, Sun school & children’s church; Bible study 8:45am; Wed. service 7pm; 101 Greenwood Ave., Chestertown; Call 410-778-2744. Chestertown Baptist Church - Sun School 10am, Worship 11am & 6pm; Wed Awa- nas children 6:30pm, Youth 180 Teens & Adult Bible study 7pm; 401 Morgnec Rd., Chestertown; Call 410-778-5844; www.chestertownbaptistchurch.org. Faith Bible Church - Sun School 10am, Service 11am; Prayer/Bible Study for 3rd- 6th grade Wed. 6:30pm; 407 Dudleys Cor- ner Rd., Sudlersville; Call 410-438-6003; www.faithbiblechurch316.com. Faith Unity Fellowship Ministries - Sun School 9:30am, Worship 11am; Little Lights of Faith Early Learning Center; Bish- op Robert M. Pritchett, Jr., D.D., Senior Pastor, Co-Pastor Christine Pritchett; 116 Liberty Lane, Chestertown; 410-778-4300; www.faithunityfm.org. Chestertown Christian Gathering - Sun 9:45am Adult Small Group, Children’s Movie; Sun 10:30am Gathering, Children’s Program; Wed 6:30pm Family Gathering, Adult, Teen, Children Small Groups; 932 Washington Ave., Unit 1, Austin Plaza, Chestertown; Find us on Facebook. Emmanuel UM Church - 9:30am Sun Ser- vice; 6698 Church Lane, Pomona, Ches- tertown; Rev. Emanuel Johnson; For more information and complete details, please call 410-778-0430. continued on page 22 Check with Organizations for future scheduling of these postponed events