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Pink Polar Bear Tournament Nets $2,325
for Leh Women’s Center
strongest support efforts for the
Leh Women’s Center.”
This year’s winners include: Rich
& Paddy Tobey and Peter & Steph-
anie Murphy - first place low net;
Andrew Carroll; Casey Hurd;
Rob Thompson and Matt Wil-
liams - second place low net; Bob
Basener, Jim Harbeson, Ted Lazo
and Marilyn Parks - third place
low net; Craig Austin, J. Baker; S.
Baker and Olsen - fourth place low
net; Ginger Collier and Jim Harbe-
son - Closest to the Pin; and Cindy
Thorpe and Ted Lazo -Straight-
est Drive. The 50/50 raffle win-
ner, Kevin Coveney, donated back
100% of his winnings, as did all the
cash prize winners.
According to Kelly Bottomley,
Shore Regional Health’s regional
manager for imaging, “Mam-
mography is the medical ‘gold
standard’ to identify breast can-
cer in both men and women.” The
Eleanor & Ethel Leh Women’s
Center was the first facility on the
Delmarva Peninsula to offer 3-D
digital mammography with tomo-
synthesis capabilities, which can
find breast cancer at the earliest-
possible stage. In 2018, the Center
performed 2,594 mammograms.
The Leh Center also offers bone
density and BMI (body mass in-
dex) evaluation services, as well
as breast and breast reconstruction
surgeries as well as other plastic
and reconstruction surgeries.
“Since the tournament’s inception,
it has raised $18,156, in support
of our patients served at The Leh
Center,” Bottomley said. “We are
very grateful for our community’s
continued support of our patients
and the Eleanor & Ethel Leh Wom-
en’s Center.”
Sixty members and guests of the
Chester River Yacht & Country
Club just outside of Chestertown
participated in the eighth annual
Pink Polar Bear golf tournament
on July 28
. The event raised $2,325
to benefit the patients served in
the Eleanor & Ethel Leh Women’s
Center at UM Shore Medical Cen-
ter at Chestertown.
Tournament co-chair Gwinn Der-
ricott, who is also a hospital vol-
unteer said, “Everyone says that
this is the most fun tournament
they play in because of the format
and the camaraderie. We’ve come
a long way from a group of nine
and 18-hole lady golfers,” she con-
tinued. “We’re looking forward to
many more tournaments, which
are held every year on the last Sun-
day in July.”
Jane Hukill, tournament co-chair,
hospital volunteer and Chester
River Health Foundation board
member said, “We call it the Pink
Polar Bear tournament because
early on, it was explained to us
that finding breast cancer can be
like trying to find a polar bear in a
blizzard. When we saw the capa-
bilities of tomosynthesis in mam-
mography, we had to do our part
to support the continued availabil-
ity of this state-of-the-art technol-
ogy in Chestertown!”
“Many of the prizes and volunteers
were provided by the 9-hole and
18-hole ladies’ golf groups at Ches-
ter River Yacht & Country Club,”
continued Hukill. “The support of
the Chester River Health Founda-
tion, the club’s members (many of
whom have returned each year to
participate in this popular tourna-
ment), and the very helpful sup-
port of the Golf Pro, Scott Stokes,
continue to make this one of our
Newsworthy Notes From You The Readers
Send In Your Good News
G. Adrian Baker Named Superintendent
of Natural Resources Police
as the chief of a municipal police
department, combined with ca-
reer experience through the ranks
of NRP, I look forward to apply-
ing and providing clear direction
to our management and field of-
ficers as we move the Natural Re-
sources Police forward.”
Chief Baker will be stepping
into the role vacated by Colonel
Ziegler, who served as superin-
tendent since March 2016 and
was acting superintendent since
August 2015.
“We appreciate Colonel Ziegler’s
service as a member of the lead-
ership team here at the depart-
ment,” Riccio said. “He brought
valuable experience to the organi-
zation and we wish him the best.”
“The men and women of the Nat-
ural Resources Police aren’t here
by accident - they’ve chosen this
field because they’re hunters, an-
glers, or simply love the outdoors
and have dedicated their lives to
public safety,” Ziegler said. “Our
officers care deeply about our en-
vironment, and it’s been an honor
and privilege to work with them,
serving the people of Maryland.”
Lt. Colonel Ernest Leatherbury Jr.
will serve as acting superinten-
dent until Baker’s appointment
on September 11
An integral part of the state’s nat-
ural resources agency, the Natural
Resources Police has 258 officers
and a dedicated staff of civilian
and volunteer personnel, includ-
ing reserve and retired officers.
They are responsible for enforcing
conservation and boating safety
laws, protecting state parks, pub-
lic lands, and waterways.
The Maryland Department of
Natural Resources recently an-
nounced that Chestertown Po-
lice Chief and Natural Resources
Police veteran G. Adrian Baker
will serve as superintendent of
the Maryland Natural Resources
Police. Baker will be taking the
place of Colonel Robert K. “Ken”
Ziegler, Jr. who resigned today.
The appointment takes effect
Wednesday, September 11
Baker has nearly two decades of
command experience, including
the past seven as Chief of Police in
Chestertown. Baker’s experience
also includes six years serving as
the commander of the Natural Re-
sources Police central region.
“Chief Baker has a proven track
record - not just in Chestertown
and Kent County, but also in his
years leading our Natural Re-
sources Police central region, in
protecting both our environment
and our citizens,” Department
of Natural Resources Secretary
Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio said.
“I know that he will be a tremen-
dous asset to our team.”
“I am very excited to return to
the Maryland Natural Resources
Police and continue the impor-
tant work of preserving and pro-
tecting our state’s vital natural
resources. In conjunction with
Governor Hogan and Secretary
Haddaway-Riccio, I will ensure
that our unique police agency
will prioritize conservation en-
forcement, outstanding public
service, and public safety,” Baker
said. “With the professional and
leadership skills that I have de-
veloped over the last seven years
Players in the annual Pink Polar Bear Golf Tournament, held on July 28
at the Chesapeake Yacht
and Country Club, raised more than $2,300 to benefit the Eleanor and Ethel Leh Women’s Center
at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown.
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