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Raise your voice!
Last Date to Register
October 16
Early Voting Dates
Oct. 25 - Nov. 1
Early Voting Locations
Kent County
Kent County Public Library
408 High Street
Chestertown, MD
Queen Anne’s County
Kent Island Library
200 Library Circle Stevensville, MD
110 Vincit Street
Centreville, MD
Election Day 2018
November 6
is your
If you’re not registered to vote
in Maryland, you can
register online today at
designated voting location.
Who can vote?
Maryland citizens over the age of 18
can register to vote.
Maryland citizens aged 16 but under 18
can pre-register to vote.
Maryland citizens attending college in other states
can register to vote using their Maryland
home address.
Students from other states attending college
in Maryland can register to vote in Maryland
using their college address.
MD citizens convicted of a felony and who are
no longer incarcerated, can re-register to vote.
People with disabilities can vote and will be
provided assistance if necessary.
Members of the military can vote, and service
members stationed outside of Maryland can
vote by absentee ballot.
Maryland citizens traveling out of state or abroad
can vote by absentee ballot.
Need a ride to the polls?
Sign up for a ride at
or call
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